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  • Adblock makes money by showing you whitelisted ads (e.g., Google). While not contributing back to all the 3rd party list providers they rely on. Use uBlock Origin instead or google other alternatives
  • Molto utile
  • A very good AdBlocker, blocks all the ads websites throw at it! One little con is that is makes web pages longer to load.
  • Does not block some recent AD. But I deleted this addon because it stopped support of custom element removal feature (Element Hiding Helper for Adblock Plus). Without it I cannot hide blocks on pages anymore (some blocs are not AD but are very annoying too).
  • Very useful addon but unfortunately it doesn't work on pages opened in FF's Side Bar (e.g. using Side View or other addons that open web pages in Side Bar). Thank you.
  • Работает через раз. Раньше блокировал отдельные элементы на странице, сейчас нет. Это очень неудобно