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  • I got ADblock Plus primarily so I could play Words With Friends game via Facebook ; because without it , the game would not ever load or function properly. Occasionally I need to use the Options>Whitelist> a news site to read an article. BUT today after a Firefox update , I can't find the whitelist options. Or I would have given 5 stars.
  • かなり広告をブロックしてくれるのはいいが 正常に 表示されない Web ページがある この拡張機能?のせいだろうか 詳しくなくてすいません でも サイトによっては 広告がブロックされないサイトがありま す 機能改善お願いします
  • Use uBlock Origin instead.
  • Disgrace that Mozilla is still promoting this. Look up the history of the company behind it. They make money FROM ADS. They had malicious features in the past, they have a horrible past with free text scam sites ... and a load of very very shady connections to the advertising industry. This Addon is a oxymoron, use uBlock origin or adNauseam instead, please!

    And their response to this is total BS! See how they not address any of my statement! I had reviews deleted by the devs of this addon in the past. This is NOT ad misunderstanding! I am perfectly well informed about how they in FACT make money from ads and their past! And I never disputed that you can turn of acceptable ads. The key detail is they are turned on by default to make them money! And they can spin and frame it all they want, if the users where in control they would not turn them on by default! They would not even have them at all like in uBlock Origin!

    Look how they have a "Support Team" tasked with whitewashing.

    There seems to be some misunderstandings about our Acceptable Ads Initiative. Users are still in control, and can disable “allow acceptable ads” in options. If you still experience ads with this option disabled, please be advised that these are more than likely NOT Acceptable Ads. In these cases please send us the URL along with a screenshot of your subscribed filter lists to support@adblockplus.org. We are usually able to get these reported to the filter list team and resolved. Rest assured no company can pay us to have their ads shown. Publishers have to meet the criteria set by the Acceptable Ads Committee before being considered. Most companies actually pay us nothing at all. You can find more details regarding Acceptable Ads here https://acceptableads.com.

    ABP Support Team