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  • This is really still the best ever built Adblock to any other all Adblocker as I tested compared them all. Others still ads/malware/phishing etc. can still go/trick through. Adblock Plus don't, but in notification- it's ok popup message....that's telling us if you trust that website and you can always change in settings or uninstall then reinstall back this Adblock Plus if the website you visited has encountered/compromised/trick you any malvertising, ads, trojan, adware, and any virus that keep messes up your computer's quality performance and speed. I recommended this Adblock Plus always guys/gals because I've been using this since the first thing it came out and I always compared and tested it to any other Adblockers and it relaxes and brings you peace of mind and if there's pop-up where you visited sites always reject them to don't take that chance if you're suspicious/doubt behind that pop-up trying to communicate a trick unless you know the person who owns that website or you trust that well-known website and also make an adjustment in option filtering preferences to allow some non-intrusive advertising that helps supports the goal of other website for their advertising non-intrusive that helps them their goal like us if we are affiliating with other websites business of advertising too. If some of us don't want to be bothered by advertisement then leave it as it is not to make any adjustment/changes in Option in Filter Preferences. Enjoy ladies and gentlemen....
  • Lo bueno de Firefox es el poco consumo de RAM, esta extensión triplica el consumo de RAM y lo vuelve muy inestable.
  • Not a big fan of this new version. I can no longer seem to use asterisks to wildcard out entire sets of images. I can only block images one at a time, or I can block every single image on a given website. Nothing in between. Sadly, I can't even go back to the much more functional older versions because now Firefox insists that anything older than 3.0 is "corrupt".
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  • It seems that an issue caused all filters to be removed and we were unable to restore a backup. Therefore we had to reset your filters and Acceptable Ads settings. Please check your filter lists and Acceptable Ads settings in the Adblock Plus options.

    Please fix this...

    Thanks for reaching out to us! We've actually reached out to the developers at Mozilla to get this sorted on their end. They are still working on this. In the meantime, Some users have found success by removing Adblock Plus using the the instructions in this link https://help.eyeo.com/en/adblockplus/uninstall-adblock-plus?5de59f86, and reinstalling via https://adblockplus.org. Let us know if this helps!

    ABP Support Team