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  • Thank you to the entire Team Adblock Plus for creating this efficient, Amazing addon and sharing it with the world for free.

    The internet has become a friendlier and safer place for everyone, since you arrived.

    Keep up the good work.
    We Love You :)
  • Works seamlessly
  • I enjoyed ABP pre-quantum; but my current experience is intensely disappointing. I'm keeping ABP for its ability to block elements--but I'll quit it as soon as I can find another means of doing that. (This ABP ability is markedly less than pre-quantum, but I'm willing to assume that ABP is doing the best it can with this feature under quantum.)

    I frequently use Amazon's site. I find now that Amazon's site (at least) is replete with very annoying ads--despite ABP's assurance here that it "blocks all annoying ads." Note that my ABP settings have all ABP's listed filters "active," and my instructions to ABP are to block even so-called "acceptable" ads. Note also that ABP will apparently revert to the default setting to "allow" such ads should you remove and reinstall the add-on.
  • just brilliant makes browsing so much nicer thanks again
  • If you spent a lot of time and it remains VERY less than the old version 2.9. It does not even show what it says block! It's sad an extension that one day was the best and with only 1 update it became the worst of all existing!
  • Works well, the majority of ads are blocked, and it is easy to unblock a page if neederd. Sometimess websites with 'counter-adblock' programs can be tricked by refreshing the page then cancelling the refresh just as the page info is coming up but before the anti-adblock program kicks in.
  • 上宜家官网给弹出的qq浏览器烦昏了,现在世界安静了。