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  • This extension is creating problem for reCAPTCHA
    Thanks for the tip. I have also noticed that the version of the reCAPTCHA interface takes longer to convince that I'm a human when I use the Chrome version through an addon like mine. Is that the issue you're seeing, or is there worse breakage?
  • Tristantngao@gmail.com
  • با اهدای سلام ، در مرورگرها بنده تا کنون سعی و تلاش خودم معطوف به مرورگر کروم و موزیلا کردم و امیدوارم که بتوانم ‌به نتایج خوبی با کمک شما بزرگواران برسم ، تشکر
  • Sorry to rate with one star but I'm trying to install it on my mobile phone and its says that its not possible to download because the file is corrupted and to verify my connection...No problem installing other extensions. Any ideas? I've restart the phone, clear cache, clear data from Firefox and problem remains.

    Now with the version 66.05 it's working fine. Tks! I had version 66.02 and in Google play said it was updated.. I needed to install it manually.
    Could you confirm if you're running version 66.0.5 of Firefox? I've been told that the recent add-on outage is related to this, and that updating to the latest Firefox should fix it.
  • Slow my browser down considerably.
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