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  • Breaks the desktop site option for Google. It's great that this extension fixes the Google mobile site so it shows the version as seen in Chrome but the desktop site option no longer works properly. I sometimes need the desktop site to access features that aren't available in the mobile site (e.g. the cached links). Enabling the option after installing this extension just shows the mobile site in a higher resolution so the only workaround is to temporarily disable the Google Search Fixer extension.
    Thanks for letting me know, I'll try to find a way to un-break that as soon as I can.
  • great
  • It fixed Google image search for me.
  • Its a fucking disgrace for Google to resort to such bullshit tactics. Thanks to the extension author for fixing other people's stupidity.
  • This brought in the aesthetically pleasing look of Google search previously missing from firefox. It was comfortable to look at on chrome and now we get it on Firefox. Simple to use and simply great!
  • Ok!
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