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  • Woohoo! You need to call this 'Google Image Fixer for Firefox Android' because it does exactly that. Before this add-on, google images was soooo annoying. I had to click 'show desktop mode' every time (because all images were tiny and the page was unusable) and even then it was only slightly better -with bigger images but non-working clicks and it was very hard to actually get to the images i could see! Very irritating! Since installing this, I went to google, clicked on Images and lo and behold, I see the proper, usual(for desktop users) images page with full clear larger sized images and when I click them the expected things happen. I can choose images and I can visit the website they originate from
    Thank You!
    Oh and I also LOVE having the proper good google search page back also so I like the add-on for the reason you made it.
    Well done on all fronts.
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  • I installed to view Google reviews through Firefox. Works well as far as I can tell, but there's one glaring issue. For some reason the add-on breaks Google's CAPTCHA service. I couldn't get past any CAPTCHA checks until I disabled / uninstalled the addon.