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  • Very good add on. This add on made me use Firefox on Android again, 'cause I hate Firefox default Google search pages especially Google Image search. I think it' s clumsy as hell and "slow", but Chrome has it nice and smooth.

    Thanks for this add on! 👍
  • Good
  • The add-on reads data from the websites I visit..this may include username or password....Does this add-on store my personal information? Is it safe? Please respond
    No, I have no interest in your usernames and passwords and other site data. While the addon *could* read your data, it does not. I do understand your concerns however, and can only hope that that the add-on being Recommended helps offer some extra reassurance: https://support.mozilla.org/en-US/kb/recommended-extensions-program
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  • i have no idea of this because i don't use chrome, thank you i noticed clear differences
  • You are the mvp