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  • This brought in the aesthetically pleasing look of Google search previously missing from firefox. It was comfortable to look at on chrome and now we get it on Firefox. Simple to use and simply great!
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  • Love this addon BUT I do have an issue in google on S10e. I am unable to paste into google search field after clicking on the field. I press to paste but keyboard drops down and back and forth, the option to paste will not come up in a blank field.
    Fix this and rating goes up ;)
    Thanks for letting me know! I can see that happening once I've searched and the bar goes to the top of the screen (sometimes the copy/paste bar disappears along with the keyboard when I long-tap to paste).

    I'll see what I can do, but it looks like a web compatibility issue, where Chrome is doing something differently than Firefox, and they aren't testing their Chrome-specific site design of both, meaning it might not be an easy fix.
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  • This extension is creating problem for reCAPTCHA
    Thanks for the tip. I have also noticed that the version of the reCAPTCHA interface takes longer to convince that I'm a human when I use the Chrome version through an addon like mine. Is that the issue you're seeing, or is there worse breakage?