Fedezze fel a hatékony eszközöket és funkciókat, amelyekkel testreszabhatja a Firefoxot, és teljesen a sajátjává teheti a böngészőt.

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  • Social Fixer

    Social Fixer

    Social Fixer for Facebook fixes annoyances, adds features, and enhances existing functionality to make FB more fun and efficient. Filter the news feed, hide sponsored posts and political posts, hide parts of the page you don't want to see, and more!

    16 202 felhasználó

  • ReloadMatic: Automatic Tab Refresh

    ReloadMatic: Automatic Tab Refresh

    ReloadMatic automates the periodic reloading / refreshing of browser tabs. It offers cache control, custom intervals, POST support and many other features. It also integrates with browser features such as tab restore, pinning, and incognito mode.

    26 071 felhasználó

  • Forecastfox (fix version)

    Forecastfox (fix version)

    Get international weather forecasts from and display them in any toolbar or statusbar with this highly customizable and unobtrusive extension.

    40 210 felhasználó

  • Reverse Image Search

    Reverse Image Search

    Capture, Reverse Image Search is a powerful capturing reverse image search tool built on top of TinEye engine.

    6 851 felhasználó

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  • Image Search Pro

    Image Search Pro

    Adds an option to the context menu to search an image on multiple services

    36 336 felhasználó

  • Adblocker for YouTube™ | Youtube™ Adblocker

    Adblocker for YouTube™ | Youtube™ Adblocker

    🔴 Adblocker Features: 🔴 Adblocker on every Youtube Video. 🔴 Malware- and Adblocker. 🔴 Performance enhancement in browsing speed. 🔴 Adblocker of ads, banners and pre-rolls on Youtube. 🔴 Banner, PopUp, PopUnder - Adblocker.

    214 570 felhasználó

  • Infinity New Tab (Pro)

    Infinity New Tab (Pro)

    It may be the most user-friendly new tab on Firefox browser

    9 326 felhasználó

  • Ctrl+Number to switch tabs

    Ctrl+Number to switch tabs

    Adds keyboard shortcut Ctrl+1 to switch to the first tab, Ctrl+2 to switch to the second, and so on. Ctrl+9 switches to the last tab.

    801 felhasználó

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  • Flixtab SearchDS

    Flixtab SearchDS

    Flixtab Default search

    1 829 felhasználó

  • Eazyzip Search for Firefox

    Eazyzip Search for Firefox

    Use Eazyzip Tab extension to search the web!

    1 548 felhasználó

  • Manga VF Ad Block

    Manga VF Ad Block

    Manga VF Ad Block est une extension gratuite conçue pour faciliter la navigation sur Manga VF.

    1 191 felhasználó

  • Easy Zip Tab for Firefox

    Easy Zip Tab for Firefox

    EasyZip New Tab is a Firefox addon that replace your current new tab and offers links to zipping and unzipping your files.

    2 572 felhasználó