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  • YES, YES, YES!! Finally, a working replacement for the various extensions of this type that have come and gone, especially "Ratings Preview for YouTube" which was sold in June 2018 to a questionable owner (and which stopped working for me recently anyway). I am so happy that someone has stepped up to write a new one and I hope you continue to maintain this and keep it working. A Chrome version is available too (https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/youtube-thumbnail-rating/cmlddjbnoehmihdmfhaacemlpgfbpoeb)

    Thank you Elliot! As they say, "You the real MVP".
    Hahaha. Thank you, ak47wong!
  • Works as intended, thank you
  • LOVE IT, a must have I think, a really cleaver addon :D
  • Excellent developer! Very responsive to comments/feedback and pushes updates quickly! Great alternative to Ratings Preview which doesn't work for me anymore :)
    Thank you!