81 notes
  • Works great!
  • great add-on, works well
  • Great job indeed! Keep updating it. Thanks to dev.
  • Simply perfect.
  • Minimalistic and to the point. Works!
  • So far as of 8/28/18, it is working unlike the other YouTube rating add-ons. Let's see if it lasts. Hopefully, it will. The interface is simple and works exactly as intended. Thank you for making this!
  • Simple, elegant, modern design that loads asynchronously. I didn't even need to refresh a YT video I had open before installing the extension and all the suggested videos updated in real time. Excellent dev work!! :)

    The ability to highlight some configurable number of the top rated videos videos would also be nice.
  • Thanks for this! It's a must-have extension that's a good replacement for the defunct Youtube Preview.