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  • No development for a long time! Sync isn't working anymore. Could the developer please comment on how to continue with the add-on?
  • It's looks kinda pretty, but is there really need to use external service to sync bookmarks, when you literally can use internal bookmarks which already synced by Firefox Account. Seems like unnecessary overhead or messing with user's privacy...
  • Extension try connect to site www.bakadev.fr, bitdefender blocks this.
    "firefox.exe has attempted to connect based on the expired certificate to www.bakadev.fr. We've blocked the connection to ensure data security because sites need to renew their certificates with a certification authority to stay up to date and outdated security certificates pose a threat"
  • Seems pretty good. I give it 5 star now since I found the option to define a bookmark folder as a speed dial tab, nice.
    It would however be nice if you had some HiDPI options, atm some of the settings and font is a tad big.
  • ugly :(
  • Очень нравится! Удобный интерфейс, есть много возможностей для кастомайзинга.
  • the best
  • I love this AddOn, with 1 caveat. I can NOT for the life of me figure out to put bookmarks into Folders. I love the idea, for sorting and OCD reasons. How is this done, how? HOW? when I pull up the menu to Move Bookmark, only Tabs show in the list, not Folders. I've tried drag and drop on the Folder, still won't go in the folder. I tried a long hold over the folder, it acts like I want the bookmark next to the Folder rather then IN the folder. Please tell me how to do this! Thank you for amazing AddOn.

    Ps. Extra feature, add ability for a separator so we can group things together.

    ~ Fey
  • Great addon, but have to to give 4 stars. Because of two problems:
    1. After I start Firefox, the cursor must blinking in address bar. But it's not. So, have to click in adress bar to activate it.
    2. It will be good to add transparet background for dials.
  • Finally took the plunge to upgrade from FF v.56 now that prime video doesn't support it and this is almost perfect in replacing my old speed dial (the userscript giving my icons rollover opacity no longer worked). The only issue I have with it is that you can't keep the tab bar hidden permanently. Overall good work.
  • It was so great and nice, I spent about an hour designing it, untill it crashed and doesn't work anymore at all.... Desk image disappeared, leaving a black browser screen, and settings, theme editor is not opening anymore.... Yay, it was finished in an hour.... I was trying to find & delete it's settings in profile folder, but it's all the same black hole, nothing changed.... only Top bar in nice color, but black hole below... P.S. Ohh... I see now, after I deleted settings in profile folder & Restarted browser, Yay was gone, I could start to install Yay from very beginning...
  • Excellent addon.

    Yay! is easy to use and easy to costomize, too. It replaces my old "start-page", which was just a HTML-File with a table and logo-pictures. Yay! does the same job with less effort.

    Also important: *It really works with Android!* It is not just a PC-Version with PC-Handling (like other speed-dials). You can really use it there.

    While the addon is fully operational for the PC-Version of Firefox, it misses some of the functions in the Android-Version of Firefox - mostly because the Mozilla developers made totally unnecessary restrictions to access the bookmarks. (I assume to promote Mozilla Sync...)

    Not working with Android:
    - It needs a work around for easy adding bookmarks.
    - Auto-Icon or Screenshot Icon is not working.
    These are just minor flaws. Everything else I tested (add and sort bookmarks, theming, You can also export/import settings etc.) works fine.

    Not tested: cloud sync for settings.
  • Screenshots disappear. Slow loading.
  • Nice and minimilistic. Not customizeable. Slow. not open source as far as i know
  • Stellar, exactly what I needed. Simple and elegant with plenty of customization.
  • Sleek experience for a Speed-dial user. Neat, easy to customize. Only flaw : can't manage to put it as a startup page...

    great work anyway !
  • The bookmarks either do not show:

    Or only show in one column:

    And I am not able to adjust it.
  • Recently my usual addon crapped itself thanks to FF update, so I desperately wanted to like this one - and it is indeed very neat and simple. However, this was also my experience: installed it, played around for 30 mins to make it look and feel as I want to - screenshot of a webpage stopped working after the 2nd website I put there (out of total of 15 dials). No big deal. Tried refreshing restarting nothing happened. In the end tried to use the refresh dial screenshot option - which for some reason made my currently visible dial screenshots disappear. I tried to refresh 5-6 dials at the same time, which resulted in instability had to forcefully close FF. And after that the addon died. All i see is a black screen, even after I reinstalled the addon. The new tab is just blank with no options or things to click on. Real shame as this is all I want in a dialer - to be simple and quick!
    Hello, don't hesitate to contact me directly to see what we can do for your problem