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  • Good
  • I enjoy how this extension shows you the search volume for keywords on google.
  • Simply and amazing free tool for basic keyword research.
  • It works great except the "Export to CSV" doesn't work in Firefox, Would appreciate if you can fix it though, In chrome, the export works only with Firefox the problem stays.
  • Best extension to find high keywords Thanks!
  • Very easy to install and use.
    It is Free.
    Average monthly search over a period of 12 months
    Information about competition
    Anybody can use it
  • Very useful extension...Go on !
  • Good
  • A great and simple method for collecting keywords for any word you need to promote.
  • great
  • Ok
  • very nice tool
  • Keywords Everywhere is solid SEO extension. I love using it for keywords and estimated volume. The highlight feature is very helpful. And the best thing is the latest feature that suggest keywords on SERP, really amazing! That made me write this review. Hoping for more features or separate extension for metrics like TF CF etc. Best luck.
    - Sameer.
  • I use this in Chrome and now Firefox - Great tool
  • Very goog