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  • Number 1
  • Nycc
  • this is the best i have come to use, every details it generates was just very useful for my work.
  • nice
  • Awesome tool! However, I'm getting 502 bad gateway errors it happened 3 times this year. Now I can use it :(
  • Very useful extension, for keyword research and analysis, you should definitely try it!
    Key features that i like:
    1. get up n running in a few seconds after installation
    2. "scrap" current web page for keywords & instant analysis
    3. save favorite keywords & analyze them
    4. multiple export options
    Great job!
  • Genial, lo uso para ver sobre todo en macdiario.com y va muy bien! gracias!
  • In one word this add-ons is "awesome"
    easy to use to get almost accurate result.
    Thanks Developers and others who give effort to make a helpful add-ons for us.
  • This extension runs very well and gives a great amount of keyword information. Very useful for advertising planning.
  • This is awesome! PERFECT for a number of projects. Saves a ton of time researching subjects. Thanks so much!
  • great and easy way to find keywords.
  • Wow, it really helps you to choose your keywords each time you are searching something, for any purpose like SEO, and so
    I love the "Analyze this page" function when your are on a website, does not work everywhere (like my website), though, but that's OK.
    Searching on google and having a list of keywords beside (well formated) is a huge plus!!!

    5 stars is not enough! i would have given thousands of stars if i was able to do it!
    Super Add-on and love the csv export!
    Thanks a lot Axeman Tech
  • This is a really great tool!