265 notes
  • This is one of the best Add-Ons/Extensions I've ever used in all browsers history. It does what it says, perfectly. Clean, fast, useful and what? FREE!

    Dev guy must go to heaven as sharing this much usefulness and info for free :)
  • Useless crap - doesn't work in either chrome or firefox. Contacted the developer - that was useless too!!!
  • Excelente herramienta.
  • Keywords Everywhere is an awesome tool for seo optimization and adwords i don't know how i went without it!!!
  • They are useful, I love it
  • quite good tools
  • ok
  • Great extension. Works perfect for my seo's projects.
  • Brilliant tool. Doesn't seem to save it's custom column settings for downloads, but it is free and very usable. Very grateful for it.
  • not suport for my firefox :(
  • I found this to be a very helpful tool and easy to download. Great for getting search information on specific keywords. Would highly recommend it to others