309 notes
  • Great extension. One of the best for SEO
  • Should be built in. Absolutely nice to have all the information at hand anytime.
  • Terrible - Where is the download or install button?
  • Highlighter is not working properly in case of search volume.
  • This handy plugin is useful and I love it. It provides a quick "at a glance" analysis of keyword searches, competition and value in your Google searches and in visiting some websites. It doesn't bog down Firefox. Thank you Axeman Tech for making it available to us.
  • Excellent tool - does exactly what I need it to do. Game changer for us. Thank you Axeman Tech!
  • excelent
  • It's useless for me and very hard to understand. It says "upload keywords". From where? On the "analyze page", if I try to analyze the page of any of my videos all I get is analysis of the page code. Definitely not user friendly for anyone who doesn't have a degree in programming.
  • This has up'ed my YouTube game exponentially! A MUST HAVE tool for ANY YouTuber
  • This is one of the best Add-Ons/Extensions I've ever used in all browsers history. It does what it says, perfectly. Clean, fast, useful and what? FREE!

    Dev guy must go to heaven as sharing this much usefulness and info for free :)
  • Useless crap - doesn't work in either chrome or firefox. Contacted the developer - that was useless too!!!