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  • It works... thats all I was looking for. thanxx
  • dont work
  • Doesn't work anymore. Even the "NEW HOW TO INSTALL AND USE VIDEO" on the extension description page goes to a 404 page.
  • Some days it works, some days it doesn't. You cannot count on it to work when you want to download something and head out the door. Basically, sucks.
  • Why is there a Daily Download Limit? I never saw this message until recently & now it's EVERY DAY. It's a pain & it's been different "limit" every single time. What is the limit? Where do I find it?
  • Have started receiving "Daily download limit reached" messages - after downloading one video (which didn't work) .... you have got to be kidding developer - people will drop this app like a piece of dung if this is your game
  • Doesn't work.
    error in server response please try again
    Internal Error
  • i am rating 5stars because it DID work for a long time and well however there are hiccups every now and then even today its annoying, nothing shows, says error etc, i dont think the extension is ever like updated or supported or anything, i mean really, wtf, its like this every now and then and doesnt work on some vids anyway but yeah right now im getting errors and nothing shows, sheesh
  • 使えなくなってしまった。