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  • Funciona extraodinaramiente bien, es simple y bastante ligera. La integración entre extensión y app es muy buena, quizá le faltaría un poco más de soporte a la extensión (más fluidez, poder arrastrar elementos, etc).
  • my fave app!! so convenient for actually typing SMS and for transferring files and links among your devices.
  • When I get an SMS, oftentimes the extension will show be a blank white window, with nothing. Chrome's extension definitely works a LOT better.
  • good for work
  • Pushbullet is an essential add-on. I've been a pro user for years and rarely encounter any issues.
  • Under Firefox Quantum 60.0.0, the expand to new window function does not work correctly. It opens a new window, but it's blank. Oddly, pressing F12 to open the FF web developer tools causes the new window to properly load. Toggling F12 again removes the web developer window to reveal the fully loaded pushbullet window. Nothing else works; the new window just remians blank unless you toggle the F12 on and off.

    IUnfortunately, there is no apparent means of communicating this to the pushbullet team, other than a review. So, you get yet another 2 star review... Understand?
  • Impossible d'uploader un quelconque fichier
  • please fix
    SecurityError on firefox build 60
    Example of fixe -> https://github.com/adobe/brackets/issues/10965
  • The entire pushbullet website does not load in Firefox. Cannot log in
  • when i press login, it open new tab and nothing happens
  • can not sign in! pocket can not open in firefox!
  • I'm having an EXTREMELY annoying issue with this extension. Every once in a while, a Firefox tab randomly opens to the Pushbullet site. This can happen as often as every few seconds, repeatedly. I have to constantly close Pushbullet tabs.

    This is overwhelmingly annoying
  • can't even reach the website, all cookies and permissions enabled but their javascript system is trash so only a blank page loads when i try to open.
  • Easy to use, understandable interfaces. Very convenient. I use it 2-3 times a day, PC to Cell to Tablet etc.
  • Pro user, unable to log in via Firefox :( - wish you'd fix, it's been happening for months!
  • It used to work but now cant get logged in and get error after error.
    It would be a good program IF it worked.
    Support is non existent.
  • Can no longer sign in on Firefox build 60, gives a bunch of insecure errors and it appears the developer has abandoned this.

    So, this is abandonware. Avoid at all costs.

    Sad, because I used to use this all the time.
  • Something unknown blocks this add-on from execution in Firefox 59. That worked perfectly before.
  • "Network error" and can't use. Site works when used through Firefox, but nothing else.
  • Very hard to use as the UI does not fit the Toolbar window
  • Helps make storing URLs and sharing very easy.
  • It won't open a separate window, which is a major flaw. No option for how long to display notifications like in the Chrome version.
  • Works using the little icon in top right hand corner. If you try to detach it into a separate window, I get a blank window with a very long link in header bar. Works proper with other browsers though. 3 stars for doing the basic job but not being quite convenient
  • C x
  • CHUNKY but tasty like good cake. Not worth eating when running low on battery, unlike actual cake.