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  • Nice, But will there be an update? It is been a year and there are no updates.
  • Hasn't been updated in a while (which is worrying), but it still works 99% of the time pretty much flawlessly.
    Thanks for the review. I understand that it's a bit worrying, I've just been so busy these couple of months. I'm planning on pushing an update by the start of the next month :)
  • cumple lo que promete, me ha ayudado a bloquear minado de paginas que con otros no logro bloquear
  • Excellent.
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  • i think it's working? please keep it updated thanks.
    An update will be released soon :)
  • About two days after I installed this add-on, today suddenly my computer started freezing time and again, freezing so much I had to shut him down by unplugging the power cable!
    I started to examine everything, hardware, software and it showed that Firefox was the culprit!
    As nothing else was different or new or updated than the days before, I concluded, minerBlock must have done that freezing.
    I deleted it and - oh wonder - Firefox works fine again.
  • Excelente funciona bien.
  • If you can add support for mobiles, you will make this extension more useful.
    Mobile support is already planned for a future release.
  • minerBlock is amazing! Its open source and very simple and clean with the design.
  • Thank you so lot that you always working on it!! (I like to reading here your support!)
    Great Developer (y) ;)
    Some of the other developer quits some time later :( So i want share my respect for your working time!
    Best wishes for you future & greetings from Germany :)
  • Nunca eh visto que llegara a bloquar algo mientras estoy navegando, pero al leer los comentarios de los demas usuarios (se ingles) le doy su punto de confianza a la extensión ya que no veo el uso de bots para "tener mejor presentación" a diferencia de otra extensión que solo tiene 3 reseñas y más de 500mil usuarios. Si no sabes que es te explico, es una extensión para el navegador que protege tú PC de cierto malware que se dedica a "crear" dinero digital que no solo hace lento el computador sino que tambien te lo puede dañar. Felicidades al desarrollador.
  • Works great!