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  • very good,download again
  • It took some time for me to make the extension work in latest firefox version.

    Just make sure that tracking protection is disabled for your amazon site or that you are blocking third party cookies from tracker only.

    There are different cofiguration that may work if anyone have issues I will keep an eye on this message to help if needed.

    I have to say that people from support (info@keepa.com) replied to my email really fast! THey will aslo help you if you are in trouble.

    One of my favourite features are notifications via Telegram, sick!
    Happy to have helped! Thanks for your review.
  • Non funziona più!
  • Excelente ! extension.
  • Requires to authenticate to a third-party service to Amazon to see the price history on Amazon. Makes little sense to me. However, seems to work beyond that deal breaker.
    When you install this add-on you have to grant it permission to access Amazon sites. That is an obvious requirement, as without access rights it would be unable to embed the price histories on product pages.

    In case your browser is set to block 3rd party cookies you have to add an exception for Keepa.com so that the Keepa Box (the iframe embedded on Amazon which contains the price history) has access to its own cookies/storage, as otherwise it could not access any settings or, if you registered an account, your session.
  • Pretty decent alternative to camelcamelcamel. I've been mainly looking for one that's "out of the way" (in terms of UI and actually loading the extension) unless i'm on a domain where it's relevant.

    So, my complaint is the Icon in firefox should be an address icon instead
    Thanks for the feedback. We will change the icon's behavior with the next update.