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  • ras

  • I love the YouTube High Definition add on. I noticed that the add-on hasn't been updated in a while. I was wondering if it could be updated from time to time. I know you are probably busy most of the time but it would be helpful. At times YouTube seems to be a bit sluggish and slow with the add-on and after disabling it, it seemed to run ok but I will definitely reinstall it again. Overall I love your add-on and the way it works and thank you for making a great add-on!

  • ottimo elemento

  • イマイチ

  • I rely on Verizon cellular for my internet, so my purpose for this plugin is to reduce video quality to the standard that VZW's pitiful network will bear. This plugin used to help me to that end, but so far as I can tell it no longer has any effect and it has been quite some time, so I'm downgrading my rating to 1 or 0.

  • ok

  • Why the hell my resolution automatically changes to 720p when I have set medium quality? This add-on definitely doesn't work all the time.
    Please take care of it.

  • não tem como usar, com a extensão habilitada os vídeos ficam travados

  • Ok number one

  • good

  • Excelente

  • Used to work well, but now videos get set to "auto" quality no matter what I tell the add-on to do. Which always look terrible because YouTube thinks my Internet is worse than it is. Seems I'm looking for an alternative!

  • Another nice add-on by Baris

  • Was having issues with numerous bugs, but it still at least did what the name says. Tried deleting it's "storage.js" preferences file from my Firefox profile folder in an attempt to fix it and now it doesn't even work at all.

  • Excellent set of features that target some of YouTube's main annoyances, but multiple of these stopped working reliably some months ago at which point I ceased using the add-on. Sadly, this still seems to be the case while trying it again today - auto pause prevents videos from playing at all, suggested video autoplay doesn't get toggled off, the video window often doesn't expand, and annotations don't switch off.

  • Ma wszystko co powinien mieć tego typu dodatek.
    Polecam :)

  • like

  • hv video

  • YouTube Video Auto Play Behaviour doesn't work when set on pause. It does pause video, but I didn't manage to play it manually. Please, fix it.

  • hd

  • Good

  • It's responsive and gives me the control that's useful

  • It is wonderful..

  • Overall an excellent, if not a little finicky & a touch naive at times but, ("tiny niggles aside") this extension simply MAKES SENSE...........(Simples)!!??!!

  • car wala