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  • I desperately want the toolbar back as it used to be... indispensable!
  • Where is the Disable Javascript option ? :'(
    This extension is now useless for me. :/
    Firefox removed the APIs that powered the disable features so these features had to be removed from the extension. I have asked Firefox to add support for these APIs back in, but until they do so there is nothing I can do on my end unfortunately.
  • best addon for web developers
  • Спасибо
  • This is no longer a toolbar, it is some sort of pop up and you can't access the majority of function because they don't fit inside the bounds of the pop up. It just doesn't work.
  • Is it ppossible to put a WedDev toolbar below the address bar, as it was on the previous Firefox versions? Now I have only an icon which opens the WD menu
    I use Firefox Quantum Developer Edition, latest at the moment
    The new version of Firefox no longer allows extensions to create toolbars and there is nothing I can do to work around this limitation.
  • This extension has been something I have used and benefited from extensively for years now. I'm sorry to see the changes with the new version of firefox. I am not a fan. Guess we just have to get used to it, everything that we come to love and that works so well seems to get wiped away. I'm so tired of having to relearn things I've already spent so much time learning. I'd much rather go on to learn something new than have to relearn the same things over and over. Anyways, thanks, Chris, your extension has been amazing and you are much appreciated.
  • RIP

    I am so sad!
    This was the greatest available tool for wysiwyg editing of css.

    • Display css information
    • save css

    with these priceless features and the sidebar gone, the addon is almost useless.

    Mozilla please find a solution

    Chrispederick, sorry for your great job wasted
    I am installing an old version of both firefox and wd...
  • Thanks Chris for all your efforts. I actually prefer the new UI taking less space and where I can more easily access items without going into submenus, eg Outline-Tables-Table Cells or Forms - Convert method - Post to get, the new version achieves this with fewer clicks.
    I understand that all missing features are caused by the change in the Firefox API, but I see some people complaining about features that are still available, eg View CSS.
    I mostly regret the former "Disable" menu (Disable cache, referrer, proxy) but the extension is still extremely useful to me and I am grateful for the work done by Chris.
  • 5 stars for the toolbar Version 1.2.13
    The current version ( 2+ ) is useless.
    New firefox does not support alot of stuff. That is why most of the developers I know keep an older version running and turn off the upgrades. Why don't you post a link to the older version of the extention in your blog?

    UPD: https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/web-developer/versions/ here is the link. Took me some effort to find it. Please post it somewhere on your website for everyone to see.
  • Thanks for years of happily using your extension! Nothing short of 5 stars for your efforts!
    SHAME on Firefox to disable the toolbar functionality in v.57!

    I agree with the previous posters, the new UX is far from ideal.
    One really annoying side effect seems to be the dependency on browser caching. One of the most used feature of your extension (for myself) is the resizing of the browser window. It seems like now every time I clear the history/cache, the preset sizes are gone!
    Any chance this can be fixed?
    The way that extensions save data also changed in Firefox 57 and it appears as though the method I switched to (which was based on how the extension worked in Chrome) has this issue with settings getting wiped out when the cache is cleared. I think I have a workaround to this and hope to fix it in the next release.
  • "The current toolbar makes it impossible for me to use productively."

    Update to my review: my text is now showing and all is well.

    I should have rated this a 5 years ago and given you 5 stars. I'm sorry I didn't praise your work when I was so busy using it. This is such an amazing add-on. It is a must for web development--esp. frontend CSS and form building.

    I'm using this on 52 ESR as I've masked 57+ on my computer and it will not be installed.

    Thank you for the older version information!
    Displaying the tabs with icons and text is something that can be configured in the extension preferences and is actually the default:


    Older versions of the extension are available here, but note that they are not supported and will not work in future versions of Firefox:

  • Loved the old version, now I can't use the view css, the only feature I really used. So sad...
  • Great add-on, if you're using a pre-Quantum Firefox! Thanks for the instructions on how to downgrade FF.
  • l'extension ne marche plus avec ma version de firefox.....57.0 64bits
  • 5 stars for the old version, but only 3 for the latest one because of the ruined UI.
    Isn't there any way to get back the old proper toolbar & menus?

    Now it looks like some horrible ribbon-clone.
    Im guessing its because of Mozillas recent self-lobotomy, and that they have banned toolbars along with every other useful thing?

    Ill stick with the older version on FF 52 ESR, until Mozilla gets their shit together.
    Yup, the new version of Firefox no longer allows extensions to create toolbars and there is nothing I can do to work around this restriction on my end, sorry.