177 reviews
  • This extension is great. I have been using this extension for chrome. Now I can use it in Firefox too! Great!
  • Thank you for this addon - a very good alternative to VimFX! Is it possible to donate to you via Paypal?
  • Отличный плагин, когда руки устают от мышки!
  • 完美的發揮了鍵盤的功能
  • Thank you very much for the addon. Works super nice and very reliable.

    Except that when using it on links within Wikipedia page, the popup doesn't go away. Can anything be done to fix this? :)
  • I love this add-on and use it a lot. I used to have the good old "VimFx" but it wont work with my version of firefox so this Vimium-FF is close enough. I'd like to say that visual mode is not well. I expect it to work like clicking on F but for selecting text. please fix it :)