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  • I love this add-on and use it a lot. I used to have the good old "VimFx" but it wont work with my version of firefox so this Vimium-FF is close enough. I'd like to say that visual mode is not well. I expect it to work like clicking on F but for selecting text. please fix it :)
  • I found this app on a data science twitter post for essential add-ins, and it's every bit as legit as I was led to believe
  • the UI is super cool, love it.
  • This is truly performance/efficiency saver, thanks!
  • best firefox application, would be nice if it can get more support from other website and also from firefox.
    For solving compatibility issues. (for example the plugin dosen't work in this page)
  • Excellent addon that allows you to remap all keys (essential). BUT. The reason I give it 4 stars instead of 5 is because I recently fell onto a bug while browsing cpubenchmark.net and I had to switch to Vim Vixen :( To replicate the bug, go onto that site and search something pressing enter. Then start a new search... problem! Until this bug is fixed I can't give this the 5 stars it deserves :(
  • Cool add-on with great efficiency improvement!
  • This addon is excellent and essential for my switch from Chrome to Firefox. I wish the find mode worked with regular expressions like the Chromium version, though.
  • Provides amazing user experience