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  • Besides, the great idea, almost all the settings are in your command. Thank you for the good work.
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  • Your idea is great. Thank for the good work.
  • There are many settings which the user can set as he feels. You can make it as produced just for you. There is an option for automatically turning off the lights at specific hours. Frankly, this is the best addon I've recently tested.
  • Perfect idea. I like that I can personalize its behavior for different pages. All the settings are in your hands and everything is adaptable.
  • The idea is good and I like this addon very much.
    Thanks for using the Turn Off the Lights extension!
  • Despite of lowing your screen brightness, bright colors irritate the eyes. So here you can enjoy your darker screen in the night.
  • Besides the opportunity to dim the screen, you can personalize it and set what you like the most.
  • Thank you for the great idea. It's very helpful for me to focus on the video only.
  • I've been happily using this addon for a long time with zero complaints. For the last couple of days though i've been panicking in search for a decent alternative (without success) after a recent FF update broke its functionality.

    I'm now actually thankful that happened... Because of it i've just got to experience the best costumer support of my life. Not only did i immediately get a response from the developer regarding my issue (corrupt profile), which by itself is rare, but soon after i was receiving a second reply saying something like:

    "hey, having to start a new profile is a pain, don't worry TOTL fan, here: have an update."

    I... what?... how did u... I thought that only happened in dreams... (a single tear of joy rolling down my cheek) Th-thank you! I'm sorry i almost cheated on you with Light Switch, i was desperate, snifff...
  • Well done! Thank you for creating this extension. From now on I can dim the screen and focus only on the video I watch. I like you had given the users lots of options so they can set it up by their preferences.
  • I love this add-on. I HATE bright webpages! My EYES!!!! Thank you!!
  • Me encanta, y ahora con nuevos efectos más!!
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  • Saves my eyes during late night viewings
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  • Uso há anos para assistir vídeos no YouTube. Este addon é leve, tem fluidez e oferece um ambiente de exibição sem maiores interferências de elementos de distração.
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  • Excelente complemento!
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  • Nice
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    If you have feedback or a feature request please use my support form on www.turnoffthelights.com/support

  • 感動ものです!


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  • I love this add-on because its ingenious idea and implementation. Bravo to the developer!
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  • This is a very useful add on and I should have gotten it a while ago. That being said, I do have a suggestion. The option of having different levels of opacity and auto dimming/night mode on specific sites and pages would be very useful, as many sites are different and require different levels of dimming. For example, youtube is very bright without these settings, but twitter and tumblr are already eye friendly and could be made too dim with the settings that make youtube usable.
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  • ¡Amazing!
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  • Bra för att justera sin webbläsares belysning! Låt detta verktyg stå först i led när du letar efter en light-switch!
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  • Muy contengo con Turn Off the Lights, un plugin excelente para protección de los ojos.
  • めちゃ便利
  • I like this addon very much.. The amount of adjustments is nice.
    The ambilight gimmik is a nice idea, and I would use it if the effects
    were less bright in the "color of the video" option. It flashes to much.
    Overall everything is fine and I like it, except of the Nigh Mode!
    After restarting Firefox the "Show the Night Mode only the
    following site(s):" list was suddenly empty, and does not work now.

    It would also be nice to be able to hide/move the Night Mode
    button and maybe resize it (or at least implement it like the
    Turn Of The Light button to status bar)..
    It's just too big and annoying when I zoom in in the web page!
    Actually I don't understand why the button should be on the
    web page itself (in front of the content of the site).
    ..If you would fix this, this addon would be so great and I give it 5 stars. =)
    In fact it's already really great and I would recommend it!
    But this button thing annoys me really hard ^.^
    In the upcoming version (v3), you can change the possition of the "Night Mode" button, and it fixed few general bug in that version.

    Thanks for using my extension!
  • I love this add-on, but there is absolutely no support at their company website. They only have common question with auto answers.

    There is a bug on Bing website that messes up THE WHOLE PAGE. It has been two years, I still don't understand why this is still an issue.
    Hi there,

    I support always my users! If you go to this web page http://www.turnoffthelights.com/support and select the radio button "Turn Off the Lights - Browser extension". You see an option "24/24H bug report" (in yellow). If you select that radio button, you can contact me with your own email address.

    Please use that form and I am happy to help you further! :)
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