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  • Почему выпиливают нормальные дополнения и оставляют это ?
    Hello, I don't understand the comment. Can you write it in English or contact me via github, email with some screenshot? thank you
  • عالييييييييييييييييييييييي
  • a great and useful addon :D , tks
  • The interface is entirely in Chinese. I do not understand it. How can I adjust the settings so it's displayed in English?

    Edit: The fix worked, thank you
    If you are talking about the strings in the context menu and options page, It will depends of the locales that you have configured in your browser. If you want to change the language to/from translate you can modified in the options page.
  • Translation on GitHub pages and on some other sites does not work, I do not know why, and what is the reason, but the translator from Google Translate in the Grome browser works perfectly..And in the rest of the very all well and conveniently :-))
    Hello, thank you for reporting this, can you please send me some poc of the github text you are trying to translate in order to replicate and fix it. You can contact me at Github as well. Thank you!
  • It doesnt work Juan. Right click at the mouse and the AL Traductor do not appear. Neither in the icon on the bar. There is no Error Message.
    I´m using Firefox 70.0.1 (32 bits) / Windows 7 / Addon Versión 4.0.6 /
    Hello, can you please create and issue of this in github in order to investigate? please if you can add some screenshot and the website and string you are trying to translate. Thank you
  • If you use firefox v.56, old or have a problem appearing a blue window and not sending to google translator, this is because the browser is old. The solutions is Go to the options page change the option "Open In" into "New Tab" instead of "Modal". Thanks to the Developer for giving this solution!
    Hello, can you provide the error message you are getting? You can contact me in Github. Thank you