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  • I started a contract web-dev job in January, where the team all use Manjaro linux, which really got me excited as I've been using Arch linux for many years.

    I've been using Chromium as my main browser for years, but the team swears by Firefox. I also prefer dark themes on the Gnome desktop, unless there is too much sunlight. This was when I learned of the grief Firefox has with the native rendering of various html elements.

    This extension might well make me feel even more part of the team, as it's past my first tests. I might stop using Chromium soon at this pace!
  • Thanks to this extension it is finally possible to use dark themes without problems ! Very good work !
  • finally, I can use dark theme for all programs. thank you very much.
  • Enabled dark theme but was having problems on some sites w white on white text. Installed this, and presto, those seem to be fixed. Thanks!
  • Very useful! thanks
  • Exactly what I needed to fix this "browser" called Firefox, that doesn't know how to handle classic high-contrast Windows 7 themes. Thank you so much!