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  • Thanks for last updates!
  • When I click on any social media icon nothing happens
    Update: I reinstalled it and it works now :)
  • Simple and nice add-on!

    Please add "Copy to clipboard" button or easy way to do so. I want to paste it to SNS witch this add-on doesn't support, like mastodon.
    And I wish the feature to configure the format of text to share.
    Firefox as already copy to clipboard on the three dots page action menu. For customize the format of text can you open a ticket on https://github.com/Mte90/Share-Backported?
  • Thank you for adding Diaspora and making it so user friendly. If only others who make extentions for Diaspora understood the importance of user-friendly. Five stars. Thank you.
  • Works great in Firefox 57. Can't live without it.
  • Awesome replacement for this otherwise very missed feature! Easy to use and very fast. Can't imagine using the new Firefox without it!
  • Super happy this was kept at least as an extension!
  • Add Microsoft OneNote support please!
    I don't know so much that service so I need more information.
    Can you open a ticket on https://github.com/Mte90/Share-Backported/issues
  • nuff said
  • hate mozilla for removing things and not saying anything about it
  • It adds a "Share" button in the location/search bar. You no longer need to have the "Share" button in the toolbar.
  • On Firefox Quantum beta, the add-on works for Twitter and LinkedIn, but not for Facebook. Is this a known bug?
    Can you explain better the issue?
    You can open a ticket on https://github.com/Mte90/Share-Backported that explain the issue because you are the only that reported this problem
  • Полезная функция. С открытием отдельного окна даже удобнее, чем это было реализовано в прошлых версиях FireFox
  • In Diaspora i can't change the pod. I have only "Framasphere" Can I change ?
  • Thanks for doing this. I loved the share feature, even though it never got very good adoption. This add-on actually works even better as it opens externally, please don't "fix" that :D
  • Ora anche migliore rispetto alla feature integrata precedentemente in Firefox ed è come se fosse perfettamente integrata! Ottima!
  • I wish they never removed this feature. Hopefully this addon stays for good.

    It works exactly as the original built-in feature.
  • Thanks for Addons sir!!