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  • Excellent Add-on replacing the existing one of Firefox.

    While Updating Firefox to 60.0.2, the window open after sharing is not closing automatically anymore like before.
    Is there any help to resolve this.
    Thank you
    The last release fix this issue!
  • Sencilla de utilizar, práctica y personalizable.
  • doesn't save prefs when click save button on last version
  • Really useful! It should be implemented in Firefox as is!
  • Clean, ad-free and works great :)
  • Excellent extension. Could you add the option to change the color for light or dark theme?
  • Works perfectly, but why no support for Gab.ai? Three stars until then.

    Edit. Sorry so late updating my review. 5*.
    It's the first time that I know of this service and as I can see https://www.reddit.com/r/gabai/comments/6m8q3r/gabai_share_buttons/ doesn't have a feature for share url like the other services so I cannot implement it.
    I suggest to open a ticket on https://github.com/Mte90/Share-Backported
  • Stopped working with the latest FF update

    EDIT: Tried saving the settings as suggested and now seems to be working OK
    I released a new version that fix an issue for who is not using the settings
  • this works great but the icon is invisible. please can you make it visible. firefox-esr in debian version 52.6.0
    Can you explain better the issue of the icon invisible?
  • Good add-on, does what it says simply and with elegance. A nice improvement would be to (be able to) fit the colour of paper aeroplane to that of other icons, when placed in the toolbar.
  • Would it be possible to make the Facebook share popup a little bigger? 700 x 600px or something like that .. :)
    The new version has a settings for every social network :-)
  • Beautifully implemented!
  • Agil,práctico.-
  • Very good addon. It was good idea when he was the part of installation. But Mozilla change his opinion. What a pity!
  • At the dark theme, the icon in the location bar is black and hard to see.