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  • SEOquake addon for firefox i s an optimum solution for the analysis of SEO paramaters. With respect to other similar tool, I find SEOquake very useful for the high number of SEO parameters and for the simple visualization of the parametters below each searched link. Thanks
  • Great and friendly
  • This plugin is great !

    just pity it lacking the PR checker feature ...
  • multi results this tools gives very important tool for seo
  • THe best
  • It helps me a lot. Very good add-on for firefox.
  • One of the best and flexible tools for SEO.
  • Excelente herramientas para los especialstas en SEO. Imprescindible
  • Best tool for on-page SEO testing
  • Seo Quaqe is powerfull tools for seo analyzis
  • great tool for seo and complete
  • After last FF update SEO Quake does not work :(
  • Really awesome toolbar. Helped me to earn one million dollars for my new project through affiliate marketing. TNX
  • Best addon for SEO!
  • good, but make mozilla to slow
  • Good!
  • Thanks really help full
  • I am happy using this SEO Tool.

    Thanks, THO CEO iNET
  • I can't think SEO without this ADDON.
  • Thanks for fixing a bug, I had a problem with FF beta. Now everything is working as it should. Thanks again.
  • Great plugin - very useful quick reference guide for all the SEO information you need quickly.
  • Excelente Plugin, es indispensable para una persona dedicada al SEO, tiene casi todas las funciones necesarias para saber datos de una web. No cabe duda que con este plugin no necesitaras instalar tantos plugins, ya que con esta bastara para cubrir cada una de ellas y sobre todo que trabaja con todos los buscadores mas importantes. Sin alguna duda RECOMENDADISIMO !
  • Good extension for seo
  • thanks for this great add-ons. However, i noticed an issue when i use it for 3 or more searches, Google starts showing those captchas and automated queries message. And after a while the pagerank doesn't even load up.

    Is there a way to avoid this ? the add on is great otherwise
  • My internet consultant uses one of these. Says it's the best