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  • Great plugin - very useful quick reference guide for all the SEO information you need quickly.
  • Excelente Plugin, es indispensable para una persona dedicada al SEO, tiene casi todas las funciones necesarias para saber datos de una web. No cabe duda que con este plugin no necesitaras instalar tantos plugins, ya que con esta bastara para cubrir cada una de ellas y sobre todo que trabaja con todos los buscadores mas importantes. Sin alguna duda RECOMENDADISIMO !
  • Good extension for seo
  • thanks for this great add-ons. However, i noticed an issue when i use it for 3 or more searches, Google starts showing those captchas and automated queries message. And after a while the pagerank doesn't even load up.

    Is there a way to avoid this ? the add on is great otherwise
  • My internet consultant uses one of these. Says it's the best
  • its easy to access & analyze keywords position
  • Good extension which helps a lot.
  • Such a great extension. Very easy to use, even for beginners. If you are a website owner, you should definitely install this add-on!
  • I'm using both of SEOQuake version for Chrome and Firefox.

    It's a great tool and one of must-have extension for SEO.

    I love for it 10/10.
  • I have SeoQuake installed on Google Chrome and now have it installed on Firefox. I love this extension and think it is very powerful for any SEO guy.

    This also makes it easy to see Alexia ranking, Page Rank and more, which in turn saves a lot of time.
  • Awsome SEO Tool !
  • Great tool for seo audit but Seoquake sends a lot of queries to google
  • This plugin shows seo factors on a page and helps you.
  • SEOquake is an excellent SEO tool, but be advised that (IMHO) SEOquake secretly runs other user's queries without your knowledge. Go ahead and install this terrific add-on, but ONLY enable it when you're actually using it. Keep it disabled the rest of the time, or you'll eventually receive "automated query warnings" from Google.
  • Super extention.
  • Great Job, Amazing extention.
  • The best tool bar; just a pity that there is often a captcha when you surf.
  • We really like this tool. It helps us have a fast look at websites quickly.
  • Amazing extention for beginner website owners just like me. I like is the keyword density function the best. Thanks!
  • Toi rat thich , su dung tot trong SEO.. i like it... thanks
  • А куда делся Page links?
  • I just been using this add-on for 3 months and find it a very powerful tool to manage a website
  • Nice addon,I have used it for a long time
  • Very good addon!
  • I´ve been using this great addon since few years ago and very happy until now, but it does not work anymore on google index, still works like charm on bing. Im using firefox 22.0, don´t know what is going on, i hope this guys solve it soon.
    Firefox ver: 22.0
    Seoquake ver:2.8.11