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  • Its a great tool with much misunderstanding. Trying to use it on a search results page will make it send about 20 different information request per site link on the search page. That's hundreds of request. Of course that will get your ip blocked from Google if your browser don't have a heart attack first.

    Use it on one page at a time on the search leading sites and your fine. It will give your great insight on what SEO methods work for leading sites and how they work on each search engine.

    I am sorry folks, that's really powerful information and that makes this tool critical to have if your an SEO player. For those that understand what this tools does and how to use it carefully they understand the developer need not be polite.

    You can compare the data from winning sites to your sites and make the changes to perform much better in search results.

    Many AdSense users are angry at the Adspy feature as it gives you the AdSense id number of every web page using AdSense and with that you can see all the sites one owner has and study how he is making money with PPC site networks. Find a good one and you can follow the leader and make money off ads. The thinbg is anyone can get the id by looking at the view page source. All this does is make it easy.

    They do track you but no more than any big name site and nothing to get nuts about. Nobody cares about where you go online but where groups go so its not personal information.

    It does violate Google terms but if used properly it won't trip the IP block filter. The ip ban last a few minutes and your right back. Just don't use it on search results pages and don't get banned to much or they may boot you and all your sites from all Google services. Use common sense and you have a powerful tools to help you do as the winners do. The winners don't like it when their money making secret gets out but that's the way it goes online. If your making money online copy cats will come and unless you have a legal right to exclusive pay per click network site arrays and strategies anyone can copy you legally.

    This is a good tool with developers who are like most developers, they have a hard time explaining things to non geeks and get offended when your lack of geek makes their work look bad.

    Hey guys, 3 words, public relations representative .

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    Developer response

    When you do a lot of request to Google for checking SERP for many keywords you will see this message even you don't use any SEO toolbars!

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=A8evk-tPBbs Please see this video to get enough information how to avoid this message from Google

  • You'll never look at a website again without it. Excellent for seo as well as online marketing and ecommerce.

  • very useful for webmasters

  • Great addon for webmasters. Was recommended to me by a friend. Very happy with it and easy to use. Sidebar seems to work best for me as I already have too many toolbars. Nice option.

  • Hello,
    I really liked the add on. There are some tricks to understanding how to use it, however, once you get past that, I think it's excellent. If there are any changes during my time using it, I'll re-post and give the details.

  • Very good for webmasters.

  • I came to know about this SeoQuake add on today as one of my friend told me. I installed the add on and it is excellent. I found the tools what I needed. Thanks for all providing great tools.

  • Holy cow, this is an amazing extension

  • Useful of course but you need to be careful about it.
    Using the default request for parameters on every page load could lead to your IP being banned by the plugin and information providers.

    Certain things like Keyword density are pre-historic seo strategies.
    I would not even consider it if I was not planning to remove the google toolbar. I feel its spying on me.

  • great seo tool... a must have for seo practitioners

  • easy to use and is really useful

  • I was referred to try this tool by a forum admin that found it useful and easy to implement - I have to say they were correct I like it very much ! Although I do hope it does NOT get my site blocked from Google as stated in other reviews .

  • I got a referral here and I am SOOO happy I did what a GREAT TOOL THIS IS !!! THANK YOU World's Greatest Poker Sites

  • This is a very useful addon for all the SEO users as it gives the clear information like PR and external links of any page.I have been using this for a very long time for my SEO company Indianapolis SEO

  • Good SEO Tools. I use it for my site at http://www.thaimerits.com . It's very ezy to use.

  • Отличный плагин. Постоянно использую в работе! Спасибо!

  • This is the best SEO plug-in out there on the market.
    But I have some problem, when i check the Google PR it show N/A while i use the IE that show PR3. Could you please check for me? Thank you a lot.

  • This is the best SEO plug-in out there on the market.
    But i have some problem, when i check the Google PR it show N/A but when i user the IE that show PR3.

  • This is the best SEO plug-in out there on the market. It saves a lot of time and energy. ;) It shows so many things related to SEO and you can fully customize when you need and what results do you need.

  • I use this Addon every day.... great work

  • The best SEO tool I have ever come across. For a long time I didn't understand the value of being able to create my own parameters. Now that I do, the ability to gather relevant information about websites is virtually unlimited!

  • great program, but be careful cause google will ban you! only use sparingly and do not use in google browser

  • This plug-in while providing useful information - the use of it seams to be against Google's Term of Use.

    In short after only limited use, Google blocked everyone on my company network and now Google requires a Captcha-test before you are allowed to search.

    NOT recommended.

  • One of my favorite addons of all time. This make everyday seo tasks so much easier