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  • works fine and parses anchors and get vars, but i hope the developer will revisit the WebExt API and see if maybe it's now possible to use the mouse wheel
    Thanks for your review! Sadly, I already had a look to the Web-Extensions API and nothing is provided to use the mouse wheel on the urlbar. I hope you will still enjoy the extension without this feature.
  • Excellent and very useful add-on thankyou. Have been using for several years. However just to let you know that with FF 52.0.2 the last version which seems to work is 5.3.0. With later versions of the add-on, a folder icon doesn't appear in the address bar.
    As the last versions use the WebExtensions technology they might not work properly with the older versions of Firefox.
    Feel free to stay on the 5.3.0 version until the next Firefox ESR update (in the coming months).
    When you migrate to Firefox ESR 60, you will have to update to the latest add-on version because only WebExtensions are now allowed to run in Firefox (but it should work well for you this time ;)).
  • No icon, uninstalled it.
    I'm sorry it didn't work for you! Could you go on https://github.com/PerfectSlayer/scrollupfolder/issues to open an issue? I will be glad to help you to make it work.
    As I don't want it to happen to others, please describe your configuration (version of Firefox, OS, etc) and what didn't go well. Thanks!
  • Perfect replacement for Neo Diggler.
  • Is it possible to have a toolbar button so the icon is not in the url field?
  • Nice, handy, modest
  • So I just got the update and right away I can't scroll with my mouse anymore, I understand that's because of the limitation of webextensions. I appreciate the developer's work but he shouldn't have wasted his time rewriting it.
    Firefox is heading to the wrong direction.
    I'm sorry the add-on doesn't fit you anymore. As you said, I can't do better with the scroll feature due to the WebExtensions limitation but you should have a try with the Alt+Up / Alt+Down keyboard shortcuts. It's the best I can do for you.
  • this simple add-on saves a lot of time instead of having to shift click and delete
  • A simple but indispensable feature I've been using for over 5 years with no problems whatsoever. Hats off and a big thank you to its dev!
  • The scrollwheel thing sounded weird enough that I debated whether or not I should even try installing this extension. (I was looking for something to replace Uppity, which served me faithfully for years but more and more has been failing to function recently.) But I have to say, from the very first time you try it, it REALLY grows on you. By far the quickest way to switch between all the various path levels in a URL.

    Shame about the middle-click to activate, that's not my favorite thing about it. I'm sure I'll get used to it. But the path-scrolling is genius!
  • Very helpful for specific sites.

    Unfortunately, the current version does not seem to work in (global) private browsing mode.

    Update: Great follow-up, deserves a fifth star :-)
    I can't do better because the issue comes from Firefox itself.
    The addon will not initialize properly if private browsing is always enable.

    It's an issue we have in a lot of addons and we left a bug report about it (https://bugzilla.mozilla.org/show_bug.cgi?id=1224863).
    Hopelessly, it had not been fixed yet. I could have a look to the SDK itself this weekend but don't expect a fix soon.

    If you would like to discuss more about it, please fill an issue on Github.
    Anyway, thanks for you review!

    EDIT: Finally, I find a way to fix the SDK!
    I post your bug report on Github (https://github.com/PerfectSlayer/scrollupfolder/issues/37) if you would more information about fix progress.
  • This extension is my preferred method for going up the URL heirarchy.
  • I use Scroll Up Folder for ages and was wondering why this functionality isn't built in. (As I remember it was.)

    Now I realized the scrolling with the mouse wheel. How cool is that!

    The only thing I'm missing is the donate button.
  • (...Read msg in your Git)
  • Indispensable!

    An amazingly useful extension! Thank you Bruce!
  • I've been using 'Scroll Up Folder' for quite some time now. It's brilliant because it performs the task without having to depend upon (another) toolbar button... just great!

    Now, I've just found another use for this add-on : if the page's address in the urlbar has been erased, just move the mouse over the urlbar and scroll downwards -> address re-appears! I know this is normal but I had never used up to now the add-on for this purpose! Avoids having to reload the page to have its url displayed.
  • It does the trick. Thanks for the efforts!
  • Pleasantly..well pleasing, enhancing Firefox very likeably.

    Experience with SUpF-addon so positive, since almost from install ever since smooth sailing.

    5-stars from a so very criticall user -my humble me - that wants his addons free, pronto and just perfect. Tastefully oh- so- fistykated exclusive so extra functions almost every single time have to be ordered with a little recommendation in comments.Time and again 1-2 stars are not to be granted. Good form and conduct alone sees them witheld for motivation and OF Course out of fairness.

    In more serious news:
    SuF works just fine and even goes that extra mile.. consequently it arrives at the Garden !
    Best of its kind, reason being it sports mousewheel incremental folder up scrolling!

  • FINALLY found a suitable replacement for the smart text/smart location extension that actually works (i think i've tried them all), and works well, and doesn't break other extensions!

    this is the ONLY extension that, like smart location, handles url parameters and sub-domains properly (unlike All About Location Bar and others), allowing you to go from "domain.com/dir/?=parm" to "domain.com/dir" and "sub.domain.com" to "domain.com"

    and you don't have to click buttons to do it, like Uppity, Navigate Up, Dir Up, etc..
    Thanks for your idea! I just add the ability to load URL in a new tab (with control key) or in a new window (with the shift key).
    The update will be available soon on AMO. So if you enjoy it, please consider to update your note ;)
  • All is good, just two more things: When you click on the url bar button and the drop-down list appears... Why do you want to simply put the selected url on the urlbar using and wasting a wonderful left click? I'd like an option to select and run the url with just one click instead of the double click. The second problem I see is the middle click, it would be great to detect if you are exactly over the input of the urlbar, not over the star button, not over other urlbar's icons.
    Really really thanks.
    I think it's a good idea. It offers a more simple way to use addon when you don't want use keyboard. I will add it in a future update (with a new design of option panel).

    Edit: Sorry to be late.. But two years later, I finally found some times to add the feature. I hope you will enjoy it. Thanks for the idea.
  • Says what it does and does what it says. To me, it is an indispensable tool for browsing long pages.
  • I used version 3.0 before and it worked fine, updated to 4 and now there is a strange bar at the bottom of my Firefox, below the status bar, I cannot get rid of it.
    Could you write an issue about this on the support site : http://code.google.com/p/scrollupfolder/issues/list ?
    Please add your Firefox version, addon version, OS name and any detail that could help me to reproduce and fix your bug.
    Thanks you !
  • For me, Scroll Up Folder is essential functionality and it is one of the first add-ons I install after setting up Firefox on a new computer. I found the old version many years ago but it was unsupported and I didn't upgrade FF versions until I was sure that it would work; I really appreciate the on-going support and development.
  • Works great, now if only the x-clear add-on didn't interfere with the scrolling, everything would be great!
    Are you refering about this addon : https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/xclear/ ?
    Could you create a detailed issue here : http://code.google.com/p/scrollupfolder/issues/list
    So I could have more information and investigate about this.
    Thanks !
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