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  • Thanks for the quick and helpful reply. I ran into the same problem on Google Images i.e the test URL would work, but the actual website wouldn't. I will try doing things with NoScripts and let you know if I achieve any positive results.

    Thanks again.

  • Works like a charm and is well documented. Nice and clean interface.

  • Very good. It works and redirects a URL to another.

  • works but it could be so much more clear and/or helpful.

    Developer response

    Glad you got it working. It's definitely not the user friendliest addon out there, you have to know regex or understand the wildcard substitution to get it to work how you want.

    It will probably always be that way though, this addon has been basically in maintenance mode for the last 2 years, I don't use it myself anymore (or Firefox for that matter), I just keep this working on newer versions because people ask me everytime a new FF version comes out to update the addon.

  • Super addon!! I use this to avoid the annoying country redirect of google. Works even from search box! Also permanently expand "more search tools" in google searches. The Test option is so useful - it shows the author is an expert and this is a well thought of addon.
    Here's my google settings: http://pastebin.com/YAibVTjY

  • This add-on is amazing, I use it all the time.
    It's replaced bookmarks and long addresses completely.
    For example, with my setup, if I type "yt" and hit enter, I go to YouTube, and if I go to "ebay.com", I automatically redirect to "ebay.ca", and with a more complex pattern, I've managed to skip the "read more" page of a favorite software site, and go directly to the download page!
    I only have 2 problems. One of which is a "feature", and one is most certainly a bug.
    The feature I'm upset with is case sensitivity.
    I would like there to be a checkbox in the configuration screen that allows me to turn off case sensitivity, so whether I type "yt", "YT", "Yt", or "yT", I will still go to YouTube.
    As for the bug, ever since Firefox -forced- me to update, the context menu doesn't appear to work anymore.
    The "Add current url to Redirector" option is there, but when I click it, the window fails to appear.

    All in all, this add-on is nearly perfect for my use, being that there are only 2 minor annoyances at this time.
    Good work!

    Developer response

    Ok, so there was at least one user that used the context menu! I thought no one used it and was planning to remove it in the next version. I'll try to get it working again instead.

  • Fails to work with FF 10.0.2 (as of 2012-03-16)

    Developer response

    Hi trismarck. It works for me on both 10 and 11. Does anything work? I.e. can you open the Redirector window and add/edit/delete redirects? Is it just the redirecting itself that fails?

  • Fine add-on but i´m missing support for FF10.

  • When I try to export my configuration (in RJSON file) on the Desktop, for example, there's no file created. It seems that the export fonction doesn't work for Firefox 10. I know Redirector should not be compatible with FF 10 but I had the add-on already installed when upgrading FF 9 to FF 10, then it didn't say anything about incompatibility after routine checking. Well, hope the export problem doesn't exist for officially compatible FF versions.

  • Is there any way to stop Redirector from opening new window, when link passed from external application?
    It opens link in new tab of current window + in new window...

    Developer response

    No, sorry, it's not possible right now.

  • Example url: https://5i01.com/print.php?f=416&t=2475188
    Include Pattern: (https?://)5i01.com/(.*)
    Redirect to: $1www.mobile01.com/$2
    Pattern Type: Regular Expression (R)

    Example url: https://www.mobile01.com/print.php?f=416&t=2475188
    Include Pattern: (https?://)www.mobile01.com/print.php\?(.*)
    Redirect to: $1www.mobile01.com/topicdetail.php?$2
    Pattern Type: Regular Expression (R)

  • Good for me wanted the thing of the blacklist

  • Great tool I must say. I'm a very satisfied user :)

    Two issues:
    1. images are not redirected. If a site has images with hardcoded domain names (i.e <IMG SRC="http://my.domain.name.com/image.jpg>) then that image is not redirected, same goes for style sheets.

    2. after adding a new rule, that rule cannot be edited unless firefox is restarted. When clicking edit (or doubleclick), nothing happens. Old rules can be edited normally. FF version 7.01

    Developer response

    Hi, glad you like the extension.

    1. Images cannot be redirected unless I drastically change the redirect technique I'm using. I've actually started doing that, but I no longer use Firefox myself and have kind of lost interest, so I would be more than happy if someone else was interested in picking this up.

    2. I will try to look at this sometime soon and create a bugfix.

  • First off - thanks for this wonderful addon, it is of extreme value for academics like me who like to work from home - with this addon it's very easy to add rewrites to sites like ScienceDirect or Wiley to end with a proxy of the university.
    (example for others if they are interested I:*.sciencedirect.com/* R:$1.sciencedirect.com.proxy.kib.ki.se/$2)

    As I use this on 2 computers (at home and at work), I run into 2 problems:
    1. At work (windows xp) I had trouble with editing the rules (when I was learning how to apply the rules), I had to always delete and recreate the rule.
    EDIT: obviously this was my mistake, it works on both win xp firefox 6.0.2 and debian iceweasel 5.0 (the edit button did not call any action)

    2. When finished, I exported them to rjson file, which went without problems, but now I am unable to import the rules on my linux machine....
    EDIT: works well on win xp, but on linux gives "Error: picker.displayDirectory is null Source File: chrome://redirector/content/code/settings.xul.js"

    Change/help/update would be appreciated. :)

    EDIT: Thanks for immediate reply...

    Developer response

    Glad you like it. 1. What happened when you tried to edit the rules? Did they just not get saved, or did you get some error in the gui when trying to edit?2. Can you try importing on Linux again, and looking at the error console right after, and let men know which, if any, error messages are there? (Press Ctrl+Shift+J to open the error console, or go to the menu Tools->Web Developer->Error console.
    EDIT 14.09.2011: OK, I can't make a new reply which sucks. But I've looked at the code, the file picker works differently on Linux than Windows. I'll fix it for the next version, but if you want to patch it yourself then here's what you should do:

    1. Find the extension directory and edit the file \redirector@einaregilsson.com\chrome\code\settings.xul.js

    2. Change line nr 230 from

    this.prefs.defaultDir = picker.displayDirectory.path;


    //this.prefs.defaultDir = picker.displayDirectory.path;

    3. Save the file and restart Firefox.

    The only thing that will change is that the last directory you were using won't be remembered. But the import should work now.

  • I've figured out revised rules to keep the Google image search results pages on the basic version. Here they are:

    I - http*://images.google.com/*
    E - http*images.google.com/*sout=1*
    R - http$1images.google.com/$2&sout=1

    I - http*google.com/images*
    E - http*google.com/images*sout=1*
    R - http$1google.com/images$2&sout=1

    Enjoy all!

  • God bless ya for this! I'm using it to redirect myself away from Netflix's horrible new UI, and back to the old UI! Thanks!!

  • Please, add a function to make it redirect even from invalid address. Eg. goaqle.com as currently only working addresses can be redirected.

  • GREAT. Very good. I'm not tech person or geek, but I found what I needed. I ended up going on a Google thread about the "Google Images" nuisance, and how the new version of it sucks. So I got this Redirector addon and followed directions in one of the Google threads about that particular topic.

    Sometimes, a website will change on you and you'll have to figure out how to get it to work again. I've posted more on this on the creator's website. I hope I can get some help there.

    But thank you, Mr. Egilsson! This is one of the best FF addons I've ever used.

    Happy 4/20 Everyone :D

  • It seems it does not work for images. Can it be fixed?

  • Thanks a lot for this very useful and powerful add-on. I wouldn't live without it now!
    Just approve it for Firefox 4.0 now that it is officially released...

  • Thanks! This is exactly what I need.

    It is very painful if I need to replace the dead domain to new domain in my bookmarks URL one by one.

  • Please update the latest version for Firefox 4.0b12pre

  • I love this add-on!

    For anyone not versed in REGEX, here is the info you input in the add fields, for converting Gizmodo's URL to the Canadian Gizmodo URL.

    Include: http://gizmodo.com/#!*
    Redirect to: http://ca.gizmodo.com/$1
    Pattern type: Wildcard (NOT REGEX)

    Thanks goes to einar for posting this for me over at http://tech.einaregilsson.com/projects/redirector/

  • Works as advertised. But what we need now is ability to subscribe to list of redirect rules and fill it with interstitial ad pages around the web.

  • Kinda cool.