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164 reviews for this add-on
  • Still loving it, with unsupported Waterfox 56.2.1.

  • I used to really love this, especially the in-line photo viewer. But after reddit redesigned their website, the main function I use this for, the photo viewer, no longer works. Guess I'm uninstalling. It used to be super good though.

    Developer response

    It is unfortunate that you chose to leave us a 1 star review without using any of our support channels to see why RES isn't yet working on the redesign.

    Details are here:

    We are, essentially, having to rewrite RES from the ground up to support the redesign because it is so different from the prior site.

  • It would be nice if this had the same look as on Chrome.

  • Please don't let the Reddit redesign break this!!! I'm begging you!

  • Loses all settings

    Developer response

    we would appreciate if you'd post to /r/RESIssues where we provide (free) technical support to users having issues, instead of leaving us a 1 star review without even giving us the opportunity to help...

  • This addon is utter shit with the redesign. Half the functions don't work, with no fix in sight. Plus the description is old and says the addon does things which Reddit have made impossible in 2014!

  • i hated reddit desktop until i got this

  • reddit at its finest!

  • cant use reddit without it!

  • Best way to use reddit

  • An absolute must for reddit users.

  • Used to be awesome but the reddit site overhaul broke the extension :(


  • Still broken for Firefox on MacOS

  • Displaying image that point to Imgur's gallery instead of a direct link won't work with the new Reddit style.

  • A must for any "reddit power user".

  • never ending 5/7

  • its good

  • REKT. new reddit makes this extension obsolete. HMU when you have a better version. but how will i know? You forgot to capture emails... BYYEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEBICH

  • I would waste so much more time wasting time on reddit without this... Or would I waste less?

  • I can't imagine reddit without RES. It's become an iconic part of the experience.

  • It is so good that when I use Reddit on browsers without it I get angry.

  • It's a MUST HAVE for anyone who usually browses Reddit.

  • Very useful. The amount of features can be a bit overwhelming for a novice user though, yet useful for an advanced one.

  • It's nice.

  • It does what it tells you it does. Enhances the reddit experience with some very fancy features long overdue.
    No complaints here