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  • Works most of the time, having some issues currently, cannot see the toggle CSS button in my search bar like I used to, and the redesign fights with RES for display priority so I get a mishmash of two interfaces.

    Edit: Developer recommended I go to beta options, but the appropriate box is already unchecked (I'm not using the redesign.)
    Please see here: https://www.reddit.com/r/Enhancement/comments/8r4u8l/res_and_the_redesign_read_me_first/
  • Crashes firefox itself after opening reddit on two or more tabs.
    RES is not known to crash Firefox. With over a quarter million users on Firefox, it's possible you have some unique issue to your system. Blaming the extension for this in a review isn't exactly reasonable.

    Have you tried asking for help in /r/RESIssues ?
  • Had issues with RES after the Reddit redesign but uninstalling and then reinstalling sorted it. Working great again.
    Are you referring to the Reddit redesign? (Does the top left corner show an orangered circle with a snoo face?) RES is adding support for the new layout, but isn't responsible for it. You can switch back to old Reddit by using old.reddit.com or turning on "Opt out of the redesign" in https://www.reddit.com/settings
  • How do people use reddit without it is now I wonder after using this. Can't live without it 10/10
  • It is difficult to experiment with settings.