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164 reviews for this add-on
  • Dunno how some people don't have this :)

  • Great add-on from the very start. The developer is super-responsive. Reddit isn't Reddit without RES.

  • working as of 14 Feb 2018

  • Broken, recent issue concerning cookies. Recommended fixes don't work

  • Extension is "OK" for what it does, however, the main thing I want to use it for is delayed hiding. The problem is that "hiding" with RES is never a permanent hide. Anything hidden comes back on a page refresh. This issue has existed for at least 7 years (apparent from the reddit post dated 7 years ago). I keep checking this extension every few years, but no fix. Oh well.

  • Its great

  • Must have

  • Pretty much a must-have if you browse Reddit. Can't use Reddit without it's Night Mode option, recommended for everyone.

  • Pretty good add on, makes Reddit great. Only problem is never ending reddit seems to skip over NSFW content after a few pages since last update

  • RES has made browsing reddit so much better. It's definitely worth trying.

  • A must have for any reddit user!

  • good

  • Excellent for resizing images and videos

  • Das ist ja abartig, was dieses Addon an Zugriffsrechten will!

    Developer response

    we have a support forum to ask questions like this, instead of giving us negative reviews...

    to answer your question (my apologies, I do not speak German nor have a translated page), you can view the information about permissions / access here:

  • Makes reddit so much more usable!

  • 10/10

  • I love this extension

  • By far the best Reddit tool for Firefox.

  • Onlu use it for the night-mode, works well.

  • Best reddit enhancement plugin

  • One of the best things about Ffox 57 is rediscovering addons that you've haven't used before,and this is a hidden gem

  • Can't shitpost without it

  • Let my stars tell you how I feel about this add ons :)

  • Essential browser add-on for the Reddit long-timers and newcomers alike. The account switcher is an awesome feature!

  • This add-on makes Reddit a much better website.