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  • An absolutely essential addon for Reddit. I can't imagine not using it now.

  • When I get a new computer and I'm inevitably on reddit for the first time, I always have the "what the hell is wrong with reddit?" moment before I realize RES isn't installed yet.

    RES for Firefox is just as fundamental as Firefox itself.

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  • Excellent add-on!

    Gives you much better browsing experience on Reddit!

  • Defiantly one of my favorite Firefox addons, so glad it's on AMO now so I don't have to check for updates!

  • Have been using RES for the best part of a year now. Glad to see it added to the Firefox addons site. Anyone who uses reddit even alittle needs this awesome extension.

  • I love this extension like millions of other people but it was always hard to install it by going to the different site. But now it will be automatically synced to my installation. Thankssss