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  • A good start, but to be complete, it must works in off-line mode and automatically catch-and-save login form.
  • Multiple accounts don't work - the vault from the 'first' account is always shown. The vault belonging to the second account doesn't appear.
    Even after I deleted all accounts from the add-on, the vault is still shown with all its passwords, so credentials for the vault are cached in some way. This is the security flaw.
    So far the very basic functionality is usable, only with a single account.
  • The profile setting is still pop-up despite the many posts about it. And, in 9 months, my setting was erased twice.

    Some registered sites are not recognized: is this a defect in the recognition of addresses, whose parametrage is not fine?

    For now, this pluggin does not save me the time it should.
  • it is great, when you have your own nextcloud
  • Great solution, password manegement in my personal Nextcloud. Being independent from all unnecessary services! Awaiting for iOS app.
  • Great addon, but one problem.
    After login to my passman on nextcloud it is working fine, but after some time it lost nextcloud valut access so I must re-login again. Please fix this
  • I set a password on the extension, and then locked the extension..

    I was able to unlock the extension with random keystrokes...

    I do not recommend this plugin. I would have contacted the author directly if it was obvious how to do so.
  • it would be great if I could use this, except mozilla broke something again (well, at least it works most other times and is being developed..) and so when after providing address and username, selecting password field to log in first time, the dialog disapears and everything is lost. additional information can be found in bug #252 in github
  • The developers are working hard to make this a great application, despite having full time jobs. Thank you for all of your hard work in creating an open source program like passman.
  • impossible d'installer cette extension après avoir renseigné l'URL du serveur et le Nom d'utilisateur la fenêtre se ferme lorsqu'on clique pour renseigner le mot de passe
  • Thanks for this.

    I should say it is very hard to enter credentials as losing focus will reset the operation, therefore most need to be entered by hand.
  • Very good, it works well. I will rate 5 because it works perfectly albeit with some UI clunkiness.
    - You own your password not some 3rd party
    - It works on Android too(below)
    - It even has OTP support

    It works on Android too!
    Just install the beta Firefox, install the add-on and you will have an additional menu item named Passman (the last on the list).
    Now access it and you will get the same menu as on desktop but in a separate tab. The issue here is that it is not optimized for mobile so you will have to zoom manually or even span to see the actual input fields for the first setup (it is in the upper left corner). But it does work after that.
  • Setup process is too complicated, requires several passwords cloud+vault+extension and you cannot copy/paste them in because as soon as you click off it, it closes and starts again which sucks because my passwords are long and high-entropy so are awkward to type in manually.
    When sites have multiple matches, copying the right password requires multiple clicks to "edit" the entry, there is no simple right-click context menu, and no auto-fill option either making it much slower to use than Lastpass.
    Besides poor UI/UX design it has worked fine since installed, I'll keep an eye on it but cannot commit to it yet.
  • I had to rank it a three, because I could find no way to login to my Nextcloud instance on Android's Firefox. This is my final step to being rid of third party pass managment! I hope they fix this soon!
  • Feeling really good about this addon
  • This add-on works flawlessly. Passman existing allowed me to jump into NextCloud and take back my data. Thank you for the time and effort you put into this one.
  • It works well on nextcloud allowing me to share passwords between my team, plus it runs smoothly on Firefox so to me it's perfect. Thank you for releasing this as open source software. <3
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