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  • I had to follow the instructions on the home page to set up the markdown mime type on linux, and with that it works marvelously.
  • Does not work if the .md extension is in upper case.
  • Considered installing but the excessive permission requirements put me off.
    Please be clear WHY the extension needs 'Access your data for all websites' as a permission requirement if it will be accessing only local data.
  • Not working!
  • It took me a while to even get it to do anything. I would appreciate proper instructions on how to use the extension.

    This is not a problem with this extension, rather with Firefox. Whenever I open markdown files in firefox, it just wants to download them. I ended up having to change the mimetype text/plain to also include the extensions .md and .markdown. See here: https://superuser.com/questions/696361/how-to-get-the-markdown-viewer-addon-of-firefox-to-work-on-linux/1175837#1175837

    The way the superuser article fixes the problem involves making all markdown files part of the text/plain mimetype but other apps on KDE (and possibly other 'DEs) use the text/markdown mimetype differently than text/plain. So I went into about:config and changed helpers.private_mime_types_file to a custom file (e.g. ~/.firefox-mime.types) to separate firefox's mimetypes from my system. I then added "text/plain md markdown" in that file. The problem is due to the way firefox handles files and mimetypes.

    I am unable to change the code style in the markdown-viewer menu which is very frustrating, the markdown style does work.
  • It works. For those like me using Linux, you should read the README in https://github.com/KeithLRobertson/markdown-viewer/blob/master/README.md#installing-on-linux At first it seemed like it was a no go but after reading the docs and following the procedure, the extension works just fine.
  • Doesn't work. There's no button, and opening a local file on Linux still tries to download it.
  • Great extension.
    Please, can you add markdown type mime "text/markdown" support (https://tools.ietf.org/html/rfc7763).
  • Awesome! Works very well, good job!
  • Doesn't work. There's no button, and opening a local file on Linux still tries to download it.