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  • nice job encrypting bookmark addresses. does not encrypt folders, only their contents.
  • I use this app since 2014, now it doesn't working and have all blocked lol... i found this https://linkpassword.evigfilosofi.se/ but you have to unblock it one by one

    Sorry to see you have some issue, if possible, please contact me at linkpassword@evigfilosofi.se with more info, so I can help you.
    * Have you install any new addons beteween the link password work and stop working?
    * If you click on a encrypted bookmark does it work?
  • Worked only for 2-3 times. So I see only two thin windows at the bottom and the app can not see any of my favorites (no bookmarks found). I removed and installed again, restart firefox but nothing has changed.
    Question: Can password be changed?

    Edit: Now a folder (complete with links) is encrypted and I lost everything there and can not restore my favorites. How can I recover? help me please,

    by. joaocarlosofficial@gmail.com


    Trabalhou apenas por 2-3 vezes. Então eu vejo apenas duas janelas finas na parte inferior e o aplicativo não pode ver nenhum dos meus favoritos (nenhum marcador encontrado). Eu removi e instalei novamente, reinicie o Firefox, mas nada mudou.
    Pergunta: A senha pode ser alterada?

    Edit: Agora uma pasta (completa com links) é criptografada e eu perdi tudo lá e não consigo restaurar meus favoritos. Como posso me recuperar? me ajude por favor, por.


    To help me to better understanding the issue, please answer on the follow questions.

    * If you go to the menu "Bookmarks" > "Show All Bookmarks" can you see the encrypted bookmarks ther?
    * Do you have any other addons that working with bookmarks, etc, like hide/show bookmarks, shareing bookmarks with other devices.
    * If you can see the bookmarks in the normal views (not in the addon) can you click on it, does it working to open the link and can you see a dialog for enter the password?
    * If you can see the bookmakrs but not working click on it, copy the link and try to decrypt it at https://linkpassword.evigfilosofi.se/

    Finaly for answer you question about change password, you can't but you can decrypt them and then encrypt them with a new password.
  • Easy to use and very useful. The only thing that made me give a 4 star out of 5 is than even when you lock a bookmark folder, you can see what are the links inside.

    It would have been better if there was a password when you try top open the folder, not when you want to open the links in it.
  • The extension no longer works !!!!! Do not install it !!!! After the bookmarks have been encrypted, it is impossible to decrypt them. Even if the extension produced a message: the bookmarks were successfully decrypted and restored. Due to the expansion I lost 142 bookmarks! Thanks to the developer!
  • Easy to use, secure and reliable.
  • Worked only for 2-3 times. Then I see only 2 thin windows at the bottom and the app can't see any of my bookmarks (no bookmark was found). I removed and install again, restart firefox but nothing changed.
    Question: password can be change?

    Edit: Now, a folder (full with links) is encrypt and I lost everything there and I can't restore my bookmarks. Congratulations, you are sooo clever ... You deserve not one star but nothing!

    Edit 2: For installing sir an addon must be in NASA? Why you need all these? Well, I have windows 7, firefox developer v.64, adblock, bookmark tab here, colorful tabs, eversync, fvd, hover zoom, i don't care about cookies, Im translator, lastpass, mute sites by default mysessions, one tab, open link with new tab, tree style tab, tst mouse wheel and double click, wx download status bar, 404 bookmarks, foxit pdf creator, hoxx vpn proxy, tab close button, unseen, video download helper and now saka key. Of course I don't want stop use any of these for link password.Can you make your extension working with all extensions, os, etc like all others? Link password version was the last version (was because I uninstalled it)
    Hi, Sorry for you have issue with the addon. Unfortunately it is hard to say what you issue is from the description. Please adding more information as Version of Link Password, version of Firefox, OS, and other addons that you have installed.
  • facile, pratique et rapide à utiliser et prendre en main. Il empêche l’accès des marques pages sélectionnées et permet facilement de bloquer l’accès à un dossier de marque page avec un mot de passe principal. Juste parfait.
  • What am I missing? Using Firefox on a Windows 10 machine and if I encrypt a folder using a password of 123456 and then come back and do another encrypt (without decrypt) using 567890 - the new password overrides the previous password. What this says to me is that anyone can enter their own new password to encrypt and then decrypt with their new password thus leaving my original password useless and exposing my folder.

    You have probable misunderstanding how the Link Password work for muliple encryption of the same bookmark.
    Link Password have two modes for encryption bookmark that already is encrypted (Skip already encrypted bookmarks).
    * Skip encrypting: Then all unencrypted bookmark will be encrypted with the new password and old bookmarks will be encrypted with the old password.
    * Encrypt again: Then all bookmarks will be encrypted with the new password, and if any of the bookmarks was encrypted since before you will have to first providing you new password and then providing the old password.
  • This addion is good for use.But if I forget my password, how do I retrieve the password? Another way is to repeat the overlay and set the password. If someone uses my Firefox account to set up another password, what do I do?

    Password is always set when you encrypt bookmarks and can be different for different bookmarks, you can even encrypt already encrypted bookmarks if you want.

    If you forget you password, it is no easy way to restore the bookmarks since the bookmarks is encrypted with a secure encryption algorithm, probable most easy way is to try and try with different password until you remember the correct one.
  • Using link password 5.0.4 and Firefox Nightly for Android 61.0a1. When I enter click the dots and then password, I see select bookmark folders at the top of the page and encrypt and decrypt buttons at the bottom. No tree structure of bookmarks. I'll check this on a desktop computer soon.
    Link Password has not be tested and verify for Firefox on Android. I will look onto this when I got time.
  • a nice add-on and works fine..But,i wish i could only encrypt/decrypt one link by one or some fews..?? will be possible with your next update ?? thks for your answering :)
    Unfortunately this was a function that was remove on the rewrite of Link Password due to Firefox 57.
    I will look if the functionality can be added again in a user friendly way that not make the GUI to a mess.
  • Your new fix works flawlessly. Love this add on. Thanks!
  • Link-password has worked fine for a long time, but suddenly stopped being available when a right click is make, even though it is listed as an active Add-on. I have tried to re-install, but I cannot do so because the page to download says you must download Firefox first. But this is not necessary as Firefox remains installed and up-to-date. Advice on how to install Link-password much appreciated.

    It is a bit hard to know exactly what has happen for you, if you com back with more info (firefox version and Link Password version) we give you more help.

    My guss is you have upgrade the addons or Firefox, since Firefox version 57 I have rewrite the addons and some functionality has be moved to new locations (see screenshots).
    If you running a older version of Firefox (before 57) please install version "Version"
  • Ensured my password was correct and now encrypted bookmarks won't decrypt!

    RE: developer response. I can assure you my password is correct - I've tried every possible combination with caps lock/num lock on and off and it's not responding. I was careful to try to avoid something like this, so I'm stumped. Needless to say I'm not happy I've lost all my bookmarks.
    Sorry for you has lost access to the bookmarks, most probley you have enter incorrect password when you decrypt or encrypted bookmarks, common issue is caps lock and numb lock.
  • The best ever addon i see in Mozilla addons.
    THanks for this free and perfect addon
    Nice you like the addons, please give feedback what can be improved or if you have any suggestion.
  • Great. Quick & easy.
  • The extension is very good but now it don't work. I have Firefox ESR, the latest version and Link password the latest version: 5.0.1. I have the message when I click on the link ext+linkpassword://... :

    The address wasn’t understood

    Firefox doesn’t know how to open this address, because one of the following protocols (ext linkpassword) isn’t associated with any program or is not allowed in this context.

    You might need to install other software to open this address.

    Firefox ESR 52.5.0 (64-bit)

    TY for your work in your free time. I'll be patient and when I'll upgrade my ESR to a quantum version I'll Install the new Web Extension.
    Hi. Sorry for not working for you, I is for the moment putting all my free time to rewrite Link Password for working with FIrefox version 57! Please be patient I we should be enable to resolve the issue.