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  • ok
  • Ok
  • Took a few minutes to figure out but seems to work well.
  • 非常好用!五星好评!!!
  • I love this addon, but is there any place i can ask? So i've installed this addon on FF Quantum 5.6, it works well. Until 5.8, actually still works fine until i sync another firefox from another computer and it says the extension was no longer supported, now the extension brokes in two computers, what should i do?
  • It is a great extension for reverse image search. It's customizable and quick.
  • good
  • Very usefull extension for getting sauce :^))
  • Hi, it's a a great extension that I've loved for long but does the new version not work in some old version Firefox? After the latest update I found the image search option no longer appear in the right click menu. Since I'm using Firefox 43.0.1, a fairly old version, I guess there might be some compatibility issues?
    I see in the release notes it's been said 'go to extension's options page to change anything'. However, the 'Option' button for this extension in Add-ons Manager disappeared as well so I couldn't make any change.