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  • Вообще шикарно, сотня дополнений с гугл-поиском не нужны.
    У кого проблемы с yandex'ом, замените в настройках "rpt=imagedups" на "rpt=imageview".
    (Who has problems with yandex search, just replace "rpt=imagedups" with rpt=imageview")
  • This app is great, it takes the place of all other image searches! I don't know what you use for your initial list now-a-days (an update function might be a nice add), but it would help others to know what they do.
    First, GazoPa and Cydral are no more, and E-Hentai has changed their API or something, so it no longer works.
    Google, TinEye, and Bing are well known.

    The real stars are the ones that do something other than search:
    ImgOps is a gateway to a plethora of picture editing programs.
    Regex gives the metadata on a photo, way more than I ever realized existed!

    The others all search specific areas that Google & Co. might miss:
    KarmaDecay = Reddit
    SauceNAO = Manga and Anime
    IQDB = Anime and Manga
    Ascii2D = Japan
    Baidu = China
    Yandex = Russia.
    I do hope that Yahoo becomes available, to join the big three image search engines.
  • Yandex searh doesent work.
  • Works great! The export/import feature is particularly handy, thanks.
  • I added Google, Bing, KarmaDecay (Reddit) & ImgOps (in addition to the defaults)

    Here's the settings/txt file you can import:
    (export your settings first if you have custom sites)

    Or here's the settings (simplified) if you want to add them manually:

    Google Image Search

    Icon: http://www.google.com/favicon.ico
    Left Click: http://www.google.com/searchbyimage
    Variables: image_url=::$URL::

    Bing Image Search

    Icon: http://www.bing.com/favicon.ico
    Left Click: http://www.bing.com/images/searchbyimage
    Variables: cbir=sbi&imgurl=::$URL::


    Icon: http://karmadecay.com/favicon.ico
    Left Click: http://karmadecay.com
    Variables: image=::$IMGDATA::
    Checkbox: Enable "Use POST instead of GET"


    Icon: http://imgops.com/favicon.ico
    Left Click: http://imgops.com/
    Variables: ::$URL::
    GET Var Markers: Blank/Blank (delete the ? and &)

    (P.S. to Ryan Hill: Get the Tab Mix Plus extension to open tabs next to current)
  • it is just perfect, in every way!
    thank you so much for this!!
  • Could you add an option to open a new tab next to the current one?
  • I've just found it, installed it and it looks great to me.
  • essential addon, works great
  • works flawlessly on my Firefox 27
  • Awesome and very customizable add-on. Unfortunately it doesn't work on the latest Aurora (which is v29).
  • i just started using this because it seems to do exactly what i've been looking for.

    one question though: is there a way to add Bing as a reverse image search?
    I don't know that Bing has a publicly available reverse image search feature at the moment. If there is one it should be addable.
  • 10 из 10, Господи, 10 из 10!
  • 唯独有一点缺憾就是不能上下移动搜索引擎的位置
  • 无意中找到的,本来过去还要一个一个独立扩展装上,造成同类型功能却要装好几个扩展,这样一个多合一全部搞定,正是我想要的
  • 偶然间发现,多引擎,支持不错
  • Esto es el mejor que he encontrado hasta ahora.
  • I don't know many addons with such level of customization.
    I added KarmaDecay and Google. The last one - under your instructions.
    And I have one suggestion to you.
    Each high-level entry in Main Context Menu is very expensive.
    On other hand it is more comfortable then in submenu.
    You allow to user to choose which entries will be high-level and which will be in submenu under "Reverse Image Search".
    Is it possible to combine the first of high-level entries with reverse image search submenu?
    I mean - clicking on it will open this high-level search, clicking on one of its submenu entries will open an appropriate search of submenu.
    Or it is impossible?
    But anyway - I'm shocked by level of customization and thank you very much!
    P.S. I also found out that this addon can be used not only for image search.
    I added SEO searches and geolocation and it works. But the site that I want to check should have an image (actually it reports geolocation of image host).
    If the context menu entry will appear not only when image hovering, but also links and even unconditionally, I think, I'd be able to check all what I want.
  • Placing the search options in the main menu makes this so convenient and quick. Instructions for adding Google image search worked great too.
  • This is the ultimate image search add-on.
    It doesn't come with google images by default, but it didn't take one minute to add it.
    It is flexible, it is customizable and it is perfect.
    Good job, Xamayon
  • Thanks, I've been using the add-on for months and it's always saved me the trouble of manually copying & pasting the url to the search engines. I regularly search images multiple time a day and it's helped big time.

    The review by Gizmo_001 is a not really something potential users should look at. I recently formatted by hard drive and am re-doing all my add-on settings. I've finally gotten to this one and was easily able to add the Google Image Search with the instructions given in another review. It only took me one try (1 minute copy/paste) and worked perfectly.

  • Works without any problems. Very convenient.
  • Pretty much what everyone else has said. Must have addon!

    On a sidenote, is there a fix for the ehentai search? It no longer works for me.
  • Must-have addon. Just don't forget to add google image search manually.
  • Outstanding add-on.
    It helps me a lot. And it's a must-have add-on for wiki editors.