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  • New version is shit, but reverted to and disabled update, works well again.
  • Just saw this in the release notes of https://addons.mozilla.org/firefox/addon/selection-context-search/

    Open the Add-on Options page in a new tab. This will allow to drag-and-drop rows in the table
    That looks like a nice setup. We'll try to enhance the menu configuration process at some point in the near future. The current options page is very basic, and was thrown together quickly to get it released on time for FF57.
  • Thanks for the update, great addon and a great service as always!
  • Great addon. The only problem I have with it is that the setting to open in a new tab next to current instead opens it next to another random tab in the window. Hopefully this can be fixed and isn't another limitation.
  • Great addon, but it doesn't search for images hosted in private sites, like in intranets.

    Edit: Got it, thanks! :D
    It can, you just need to click on the 'Use Alternate' checkbox first to do a POST search using the image's data. Otherwise, the remote server has no way to access the internal network link you are sending it.
  • So many other image search apps in Firefox 57 have failed to work for me on Google Images when utilising its own search engine.

    An image search attempt with all but one of those other apps that I tested resulted merely in a fresh, blank Google Images tab page opening for me to drag&drop an image onto........which is obviously not an action that I would need any extension app for.

    And "Search By Image" (which is the only other image search app I discovered....besides your own....that is likewise working as desired with the Google Images search engine) has, since Firefox 57, stopped allowing the user to pick any individual image search engine to use (from a list of them) in any search attempt.........and instead searches via every single one of them simultaneously.......which is both resource hungry and very much overkill if that is neither needed or desired.

    Yours is the only app that I've found that is currently working exactly as hoped with Firefox 57.....AND giving the user some measure of choice regarding how they conduct their search.

    I also like the ability in the settings menu that you have provided to arrange the right-click, drop-down list of search engines into the order preferred.

    So THANK YOU SO MUCH for this cracking app!!
  • Yep, Firefox ruins everything. Hence, revert to version of this useful add-on, but install in Cyberfox.
  • Used to be able to just right click and then click search with Google, now it's right click then -> image search options-> then search with Google, any way to skip that extra step and have it like before?
    No, it's a limitation of the new WebExtensions API which Mozilla is forcing all addons to use starting with FF57. They may make it possible to have multiple main menu items in the future, but it's out of our control for now...
  • !!!
  • Works perfectly, but since I updated to FF 57, the reverse image search option in my context menu disappears every time I exit and relaunch Firefox. I have to go into the add-on settings and save the preferences and the menu appears again after. This persists even after resetting settings to default and a full reinstall of the add-on. What gives?
    This should be fixed in v3.0.5
  • great tool but imgops option doesn't work anymore
    Should be fixed in v3.0.4
  • Suddenly, just today, the options no longer appear on the right click menu.
  • The previous version worked perfectly. But, as of the latest update, it won't open image search tabs next to current tab. Could this be fixed?
    This feature has been added, upgrade to the latest version and choose the appropriate option from the options page.
  • Great extension but I had to roll back to version 2. Latest update doesn't work on ESR 52. Otherwise, great extension.
    Should work now with v3.0.3+, but if you are happy with the old 2.x version there is no reason to upgrade.
  • The latest version does not show context menu on Firefox ESR version 52.
    Should work now with v3.0.3+, but if you are happy with the old 2.x version there is no reason to upgrade.
  • Is there any options to have only Google search button on right click? (FF57)
    On previous version was available.
    Now it is: right click on image -> Image Search Options -> Google
    How to change on: right click on image -> Google ?
    P.S Very thanks for fix "New Background Tab" - now the search lands at the end of all tabs.
    Currently not possible due to limit of one menu item per extension. I'll look into allowing only one to be shown, which should have the desired effect.
  • Already using the 3.0.0 version but it seems there is no default profile built in.
    There was a bug in the initial 3.0.0 release which prevented it from loading properly when upgrading from an old 2.x version. Try installing the newest version, or going to the options page and hitting 'fix defaults'. Sorry for the trouble~
  • Greate add-on for finding anime/mange related art work. Please update to WE to compatible with FF57.
  • Love using this add-on in Chrome and I used to in Firefox. Looking forward to you making this compatible with the newest version of FF, though.
  • Great extension. Please update it for ff57.
  • I Really love this add-on but need to be updated for the new ver. of Firefox