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  • Just works™. Very low memory usage. Thank you for your work, dev.
  • So far so good. This addon was successful in detecting and redirecting some HTTP sites that were not redirected while using Smart HTTPS addon.
  • One of the best extensions, redirects sites to HTTPS well.
  • 4.95/5.00

    It seems unfair of me to not give five stars, when I sometimes give five to toys such as LASER CAT https://addons.mozilla.org/addon/the-laser-cat/reviews/1414030/ … it's simply far more difficult to achieve perfection with a security-oriented extension (not a toy).

    HTTPZ is excellent.
    That is actually a fair review.

    I have focused on functionality and security so far. There is plenty of room for improvements, mainly in other areas.

    Thank you, and thanks everyone else for your reviews. I may not reply often, but I do read them.
  • Very good. Thank you.
  • Very zmart developer.
  • Very well made.
  • Дополнение свою задачу выполняет хорошо и активно развивается, чего не скажешь об аддоне Smart HTTPS.

    Ну и проще ВСЕ сайты перенаправлять на HTTPS, чем работать по белому списку как HTTPS Everywhere.
  • Many times ago I used HTTPS everywere, but it was limited by his sites list connections... then I passed to Smart HTTPS but I noticed some sites weren't good redirect to HTTPS...

    So now all seems to works fine thanksfull to HTTPZ

    Thanks for that
  • does what it says on the tin and does it better than other http -> https solutions
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