11,597 reviews
  • It's a very good vpn
  • Very good but has to be disabled when using e-mail
  • Auf dem neuen Mac System nicht zu verwenden !!!
  • Sometimes the internet speed is slow, but it's free
  • fulfills all my needs
  • Does the job!!
  • I can't subscribe because the extension isn't stable. When loading a browser, the proxy (not the plugin) is disabled. Sometimes the proxy turns itself off.
  • It says its free but its only free for 3 days. I tried it anyway and it was unable to connect to a single one of the servers at any point. This VPN is junk, find a better one.
  • I rarely review anything, but I have to give this a 1 star because recently all the 'Residential' IP's stopped working and almost all of the Free servers are blacklisted by every site everywhere.

    So this plugin has become close to useless in the last few months. It was just fine at the beginning of this year when everything worked normally.
  • Мне нравится! Лет 5 использую на бесплатном акке, заморочек никогда не было!