11,385 reviews
  • free!!!!!!!!!
  • Very efficient and fast enough for my usage
  • very awesome
  • Continually disconnects without warning. Today it happened right in the middle of watching youtube video. No thanks.
  • 中国可以用,但速度慢。
  • Super
  • This VPN is not really free. It's a hidden trial. It was good initially and connected well to multiple countries. I was okay with it annoying me every day for a review which I obliged early on. So the 5-star reviews are from folks early in this cycle before it finally stops working completely. Any server you choose to connect it says something like “Your ISP is blocking it”. But I can connect to many other VPNs with the same ISP.

    So it's just a trial and it starts asking you to upgrade to premium or it won't work at all. I would upgrade for a small fee, but then it has an “All logs saved for ever” policy! It could be such a wonderful tool with a more transparent approach - like say put a GB limit for the free user like most other browser based VPNs.
  • works well and quite stable for normal use, has free routes, i'd be 100% willing to suggest this add-on to others
  • I use it all the time and works excelent!, one of the add-ons I can't live without
  • it's stable in China and free.
  • Excellent add