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  • At least warn me before???? I depend on VPNs for work.
    Do I have to find out that you have a 1000 MB daily limit on free accounts due to a suspension?? Put a little bar that measures the limit or warn me or something.

    "Dear vpn user,

    we had to block your account 'username@gmail.com' temporarily because of over-usage of your free account. Our accounts are free until a certain daily limit, then your account will be blocked until next day. This way we plan to give fair free service for all our clients."

    I will 5-star once you inform your users about the limit in the 'About' section and on the interface.
  • Просит регистрацию.
  • solo les falta proxy para toda la pc, esta solo al navegador
  • this works with school wifi and is ish fast
  • Worth paying
    Good service
  • amazing free vpn thank you