Group Speed Dial 10.7

Privacy Policy

GroupSpeedDial webextension features online synchronization. This is used to synchronize dials between devices/browsers and as a online backup.
Unless user is signed in in webpage "", no private data are send to the cloud.
If user is signed in on webpage "", his dials will be synchronized.
All users data (dials) send to server are stored in database and are not publicly visible. Only owner company "Ing. Juraj Mäsiar IT" has access to these data, however we don't take any responsibility for any data breach / leaks / hacks / or other malicious activities against our service / server.
In free version - "Home" the data that are being send to the cloud does not contain thumbnails or any other screenshots or pictures.
Payed versions "Pro" or "Enterprise" contains feature for uploading thumbnails to the cloud. These thumbnails can be then accessed in web-version or downloaded on a different device. These thumbnails are not publicly available and user has to be signed in to be able to view them.

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