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  • It got my local location correct ( Muntinlupa, Php). The weather forecast refresh hourly whenever I click the magnifying glass icon and for that I'm happy.
  • Wants to access my data for ALL websites. Not only no, but FO.
  • This add-on has been terrific for me, as it gives the weather for my teeny-tiny town instead of a town miles away (which is all weather.com and accuweather seem to be able to find). However, since the last update, the bottom part of the popup window is cut off so that I cannot see the weather icons (rain, snow, etc.).
  • 1/1/19 update fixed the pop-up window size, all is now working great! 12/16/18 latest update allows saving custom location; however, now the pop-up window size is incorrect, cutting off hi/lo temps at bottom, and part of "Wind" button on the right. Also, the weather status is not displayed on toolbar after restart of browser until clicking on icon.
  • not optimized for dark firefox theme (font).
  • Helpful and reliable, if you're anywhere in the world but need to know the weather in Mountain View, California, USA. That's the default location, with no way I could find to see the weather anywhere else.
  • Would be good if I lived in California, as it only shows California weather for me, and no settings. As I live in Europe, this extension is useless for me.
  • could not set it for my local weather.
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