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  • отлично.
  • yygiooijgfc
  • Awesome!
  • super
  • This add-on together with uBlock Origin are the 2 best and most essential add-ons that I use. Have been using it for many years, keep up the great work guys.
  • I have used Flagfox for many years. A single click to access Geotool is informative. Add-on helps to help identify rogue sites. After a hiatus, flagfox finally working well with Quantum these last few months, and Flagfox 6.1.0 changelog is the freakin' best ever! Please give the dev constructive feedback when necessary.
  • Great add-on. Previous issues have been resolved in the latest update and performs better overall. No complaints.
  • Finally it is back as WebExtension! Thank you so much!

    The icons look distorted though. I think they are rectangular and are forced to be displayed as square. Maybe make them square with padding on top and bottom to counter that?

    I would also like an option to disable the context menu entry on active tabs/pages. Context menu on the icon is fine though.
  • Thanks for your work since many years ;-) Really a must have !!
  • very usefull software