1,184 reviews
  • Must have for sysadmins and web devs!
  • Im fans of Firefox, The Flagfox is best on add-ons
  • За 5 лет не осилили сделать нормальное расширение. Се ля ви.
  • Always like to know where the website is located, Flagfox works perfect.
  • STOP showing "network.proxy.socks_remote_dns",check here : https://flagfox.net/viewtopic.php?t=493,https://www.firefox.net.cn/read-76386,the screen shot here:https://imgur.com/M1rxNKn,everytime open a new tab will show this information,again and again,too BORING,shut it down!
  • 使用代理的时候, 右下角提示"你当前的代理设置不允许本地DNS请求",不能关闭,一直显示. 请问能修复下 让这个提示框能提示一次就关闭吗