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  • was working great - 6 months ago. Constantly crashing firefox............................
  • Would be nice if this opened in a new tab instead of a new window. Also, it needs to close the window when done, not leave a blank window open.
  • Still not closing window under FF 57.

    As noted previously by other posts, under FF 57, the addon opens a window the same size current browser that does not close after submission.
  • très long transfère sur 3 étapes
  • Suggestion: Option to open in a new tab.
  • Since the last update the window opens at the same size as my primary window and then doesn't go away. That's Firerfox 56.0.1
  • good
  • A very useful addon for sharing any page to Facebook, instantly. ty
  • I have been looking for an Add-on like this and finally stumbled upon this one. Thanks for developing this very convenient share button!
  • I searched for an add-on to share things on content and this is exactly what I needed. Thank you SO much!!
  • The best thing I like about this extension is that you set the Facebook window to close by itself after the paste button is clicked to share the content instead of opening another tab to say 'Thank You' or some such silly nonsense. Allows me to share more content to Facebook much faster since I do not have to click myself to death to just share content.

    Any chance you would make a Twitter share button that pops up a window with the Tweet button and CLOSES itself after tweet sent? There is a Twitter share extension but it makes you have to click or move the mouse more than is absolutely necessary if you want to quickly share any content to Twitter.
  • Thanks for fixing it so that the popup window always fits well on my screen, and keeps the share button visible!
  • Pour les geeks comme moi qui sont souvent connecté à Facebook, c'est super car ça permet de pouvoir partager de l’information en permanence sans avoir à passer par le site à chaque fois!
  • Very useful!! Easy to install and easy to use! Nice plugin :)
  • По цял ден си гледам някакви неща в интернет и когато попадна не нещо интересно искам задължително да го споделя с хората. С това приложение нещата се случват мигновено, няма нужда да се отваря страницата на Facebook и от там процедурата.
  • I like sharing interesting articles, songs, news and so on so people to be informed. It is easier and faster with this extension.
  • I don't share things to facebook very often, but when I want to do it the process of sharing becomes easier with this extension.
  • It's simple and easy to use.
  • Facebook sharing is faster and easier. Like it
  • It works flawless and sharing pages on your/someone's timeline hasn't been as fast as it is with this button.
  • * I would like a feature that allows you to schedule shared posts for a future date time, with a check mark to use the same date/time by default until either the check mark is removed or the time has passed.

    * Facebook had a feature like this, but removed it. I am hoping that it is still in the API. Posts can still be back-dated.

    * Support page on BarisDerin.com site