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  • The Share window used to close automatically after the webpage was shared. Now one must physically close the share window. Something is broken as of about the last year, with the Firefox Share on Facebook widget, which I use a lot and therefore am rather annoyed by at this point.
  • Good Adds On
  • Son güncelleme ve eklentilerdeki hatadan sonra geri gelemdi. diğer eklentiler çalışıyor, sende bir el atarsan güzel olacak. Başarılı eklenti.
  • For some reason, the Share button won't download. I've tried repeated times, and no go.
  • For anyone experiencing the problem of a new window popping up and then immediately closing, this is caused by the Facebook container extension. Disable that and this extension will work again.
  • Stopped working 1-19-19
  • I am not sure what I did but the extension is now working perfectly.
    I will leave my comments below just as a reminder that hope is not lost.
    This would be a great extension for Firefox if it would just work. I have installed the extension but when clicked it only pops up and immediately closes. Please help. I am using Windows 10 Home.
  • great tool to share for groups
  • FF 60, window opens and closes immediately. Unusable.
  • I love Share Button Facebook by Baris Derin Thanks a lot Recommend to everyone :-)
  • Funktioniert leider seit Monaten nicht mehr.